Does "Slurpee Summit" Hype Make You Crave Frozen Sugar Water?

Thanks to President Obama’s off-the-cuff comment that he’d like to hold a “Slurpee Summit” with Republican leaders, the 7-Eleven drink is suddenly up there with the McRib and Double Down as a cool guilty pleasure for discerning fast-foodies. What about you? Are you craving Wicked Apple, Kratos Fury, Invincible Orange, or one of 7-Eleven’s other heavily branded mashups of sugar, water and slushed ice?

Whether or not you like Slurpees, the summit may be a fait accompli. According to USA Today, 7-Eleven is lobbying hard. “If the president wants a Slurpee Summit, we’re offering to cater it with red and blue Slurpees — and we’ll even offer a purple Slurpee, since that’s what you get when you bring red and blue together,” said spokeswoman Margaret Chabris.

Obama’s ‘Slurpee Summit’ joke makes icy drink hot []

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