We Found Teeth Marks In Our Ice Cream, Kroger Hardly Seems To Care

Bryan and his wife were about to sink their teeth into some ice cream when they opened up a container and say saw someone had already beat them to the punch. They noticed teeth marks in the product, then told a Kroger manager, whose response was alarmingly lax.

He writes:

My wife recently visited our local Kroger store for the usual purchases she makes and happened upon some single serving 6oz Kroger Deluxe Ice Cream, in assorted flavors on sale for 88 cents each. Thinking she got a nice deal and that they were an appropriate serving size, she purchased six of them to put away in the freezer. The mood struck that evening to try one, and when she opened a cookies and cream container not only did it contain the ice cream but it also contained a nice set of teeth marks that belonged to neither of us.

My wife first called the number on the container to report the issue, and the person on the other end said to keep the container in question stored and someone would be in touch. One week later the local store called (during our work hours, of course, no one home) and left a message and the manager in question of course was gone by the time we were able to call. Today (11/2/10) we received a call from the Kroger corporate center and K, the lady representing Kroger, though nice and fairly informative, asked us to do the legwork to resolve this issue, namely going to the local store and having them look at their camera system to see if they can see who did it.

At this point, we need to clarify some things. We are reasonable people like most folks and not a walking litigious timebomb.

Here’s where we’re upset:

1) The seeming lack of concern on Kroger’s part for a product with a top that can be removed quite easily and the product tampered with without no one being the wiser, be it teeth marks or whatever.

2) The slow response to the situation.

3) Them asking us, US, to do their job for them. Obviously it’s their ploy that “if its a big enough concern, they’ll do the legwork, not us.”


4) No one, and I mean no one has uttered the words “I’m sorry” “What can we do to rectify the situation” or “We’ll fix the problem.”

We don’t care about our 88 cents; that’s not the issue here. Its about food products and their safety, or lack thereof.

If you’ve ever bought tampered food and made a complaint, how did the response you received compare to the way Bryan says Kroger reacted?

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