Reminder: TWC Customers Can't Get The Xbox 360's ESPN Love

Xbox 360 owners who’ve fired up their console since Monday were treated to a mandatory update that prevented them from getting their Halo Reach on for 5 to 15 minutes. The waiting was worthwhile to Xbox Live Gold members, though, thanks to the streamlined interface and enhanced search features to the Netflix app, as well as access to ESPN 3 programming.

Well, strike that last part if you happen to have Time Warner Cable or other ISPs who aren’t playing nice with ESPN as your provider. As reader Lon experienced, if you can’t access ESPN 3 on your browser, you can’t use it on your Xbox 360 either.

He writes:

I know it was only released today, but I’m sure this will grow over the next couple days. As I’m sure you are aware, Time Warner Cable customers with ESPN in their cable package were just given internet access to ESPN3. Today, Microsoft released their Xbox 360 dashboard update which included, amongst other things, access to ESPN3. It seems they over looked Time Warner Cable customers. When we access it through a computer we are required to log-in using our Time Warner “my services” account to verify that we subscribe to a cable package that includes ESPN3; they didn’t include this option on the xbox version. So it seems that all the hype about ESPN3 was all for not for those of us sadly stuck with Time Warner Cable.

If you’ve used the Xbox 360’s ESPN 3, what are your impressions?

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  1. aen says:

    I haven’t used ESPN 3 yet, but I must say that the new interface gives me a headache on a 37″ screen.

    • Moweropolis says:

      The ESPN 3 feature is interesting, although the streaming quality is suspect from what I watched.

      As far as the new dashboard, I kind of like it. It is a much cleaner look and much higher contrast and easy to read. (51″ screen)

  2. obits3 says:

    What about ESPN Ocho?

  3. zentex says:

    Streamlined Interface?

    ha! The first thing I thought when I saw it was “is this a Wii or an Xbox?” TOO much white, my eyes scream every time I bring up the Guide.

  4. originalread says:

    Everyone talks about having to login to ESPN3. The day it was announced, I was able to access the site on Brighthouse without having to login.

    • eoyount says:

      As far as I know, you only have to login if you have TWC because their deal only allows you to access ESPN3 if you have broadband and you have ESPN on cable.

    • tar2008heel says:

      That’s normally the case, but it’s different with Time Warner. To get ESPN3 through Time Warner you need to have a cable package that includes ESPN. You could have any ISP, but have access to ESPN3 through having Time Warner Cable, this is why they require us to log in through a Time Warner “my services” account.

    • FrugalFreak says:

      Can’t with Brighthouse in locked regions like Alabama. It really isn’t worth the hassles.

  5. jezebelseven says:

    Well, crap. I just have the very basic cable through Time Warner, so no ESPN. I thought I’d be able to access it on my xbox anyway… :

  6. sonneillon says:

    Why should ISPs even care about ESPN3 access on the xbox 360? Seams like If you have cable you already can get it and if you have cable internet and not cable tv you can just download it. Having it on the xbox seams unnecessary.

  7. Alvis says:

    What does an ISP have to do with a television provider?

  8. Shaggy says:

    I can’t believe I’m going to go all grammar-Nazi:

    “So it seems that all the hype about ESPN3 was all for not for those of us sadly stuck with Time Warner Cable.”

    I’m pretty sure that what the OP meant to say/write was “all for naught”.

    • tar2008heel says:

      That is what I meant. This was a hastily written e-mail that came out of frustration of not being able to actually use ESPN3 on Xbox Live, especially after having the update fail several times during installation.

  9. jsl4980 says:

    I’m a Time Warner Cable (Central NY) customer and we have ESPN3 now. Service started last week. I can get and

    The problem is that you need to log in to view ESPN3, so the problem is Microsoft’s fault for not allowing you to log in – not TWC or ESPN.

    • Dover says:

      That’s what I understood from Lon, but Phil got it totally wrong. Thanks for clarifying.

    • HazyCloud says:

      While I don’t have TWC, I’ve never had to sign in to use on their website or my Xbox 360.

      • Dover says:

        TW only includes ESPN3 access for customers who have ESPN on their cable packages, so they make you log in. Your provider works differently.

    • kujospam says:

      No, it’s really TWC. If nobody else has to log in to go to these places. then it’s your providers fault. Next time please use common sense.

  10. jason in boston says:

    Here is a question: is there anything worth watching on espn3? I gave it a shot and there was nothing on besides short clips.

    • NightStalker3 says:

      they play mostly the live games on ESPN2 and national games that are not seen on ESPN or ESPN2. I have found it handy to be able to watch a game otherwise you would never see on TV. I just hope it works on the 360 the same as it has for awhile now on pc/mac

      • fatediesel says:

        It also shows a lot of games that are shown on ESPN and ESPN2. It can be very useful during college football and college basketball season, and I was able to watch all the US World Cup games at work.

        • NinjaPanda says:

          As others have said, it’s awesome for out-of-region college football. Living in Pa, I’ve been able to watch a couple Gator games that I wouldn’t have been able to see otherwise, such as the upcoming game this weekend. I want to say the same it true for college basketball to some extent, but I’m not sure.

          It’s also awesome as a soccer fan, because I can occasionally catch European games.

          All in all, it’s not meant as a primary sports channel; it’s more for being able to watch things you wouldn’t otherwise be able to see.

    • TerpBE says:

      If you like college football, you can pretty much watch any game live. So when your team isn’t on any TV channel you get, you can probably watch it live on ESPN3.

    • jason in boston says:

      Thanks guys. I was hoping that there would be a possibility of MLB / NHL games or even long form Sportscenter. Looks like it isn’t so :(

  11. wooster11 says:

    Are we confusing Time Warner Cable TV subscribers with TWC ISP subscribers? I think it’s important to note that as long as your ISP has an agreement with ESPN to get ESPN3, then you should simply be able to view content. I don’t have TWC as I’m a Verizon ISP user. I’ve had no problem accessing ESPN3 content.

    As for my impressions with it, I’m happy with it. Video Quality wasn’t great, but I don’t have the fastest internet plus I’m sure since it was day one, Xbox Live was hit hard. It appeared everything was moving a bit slow. And without ESPN3 on my Xbox, I would have never known the Giants won the World Series and that the Vikings waived Moss. It was nice to be able to see a headline type view of the stuff and quickly see news clips. Too bad the NFL is crazy and won’t allow game footage video to be shown over ESPN3.

    • mobybvr says:

      Time Warner limits access to ESPN3 to only subscribers who pay for ESPN as a part of their cable package. So you need Time Warner as your ISP and pay for Time Warner Cable to get ESPN3 as a Time Warner customer. That’s synergy.

    • FrugalFreak says:

      Capitalism at play. In certain locked regions like Alabama, They dare not lose any inches of control over your choice of TV. “BH” can kiss my fanny. They seem to think they can force me to pay major bucks to watch cable networks, I’ll get my views online thankyaverymuch!

  12. MonkeyMonk says:

    ESPN3 pisses me off because I’ll never watch it and I hold it at least partially responsible for the recent Xbox Live $10 rate hike.

    I hate paying for things I have no interest in.

    • common_sense84 says:

      ESPN 3 is tied to your cable company paying for ESPN. The update to the xbox has nothing to do with xbox live costs.

      • MSUHitman says:

        Oh I bet it does. Can’t imagine ESPN isn’t charging Microsoft for getting thousands of more people access to ESPN.

        Not everyone with broadband internet has pay tv remember.

  13. tar2008heel says:

    “As reader Lon experienced, if you can’t access ESPN 3 on your browser, you can’t use it on your Xbox 360 either”

    Not quite what I meant. I’ve had no trouble accessing ESPN3 through a computer using the log in option they have created for TWC customers. The problem is that the Xbox version doesn’t include the ability to log in using a username and password. It only looks at your ISP and since TWC determines eligibility through your cable account, not your internet, it doesn’t allow access over Xbox Live.

  14. RyGuy1152 says:

    When do we get access to ESPN3 on the Wii?

    • buckeyegoose says:

      Screw that, when will Insight Road Runner customers get ESPN3 access, if Insight had us on their InsightBB network in Columbus we would have access, but no were on rebranded Road Runner, and thus face the same problems TWC customers face.

  15. MicroCuts7 says:

    FYI (from ESPN’s site):

    Will Time Warner Cable customers be able to access on Xbox Live?

    We are working diligently to bring ESPN on XBox LIVE as soon as possible to Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks subscribers. We aim to launch the service by the end of the year.

    SEE HERE -> h t t p : //

  16. Gorbachev says:

    ESPN3 on the XBox 360 is a seriously watered down way of watching sports on your TV.

    It doesn’t take an advantage of any of the things computers do best.

  17. mac-phisto says:

    well, i’m a CV customer & no espn live-streaming for me on the box. which is stupid, b/c i can go to & have streamed games online before.


  18. ForrestWhitakersLazyEye says:

    I live in NYC, use TWC for my cable internet(no cable TV), and I’ve got ESPN3 on my Xbox, with no extra steps, other than just downloading the necessary files on my xbox.

  19. diagoro says:

    Looks to me like they’re going with a WP7 type of look, simple boxes. Wish we could customize the desktop. Seeing how Microsoft charges for every little thing in terms of dlc on xbox, just wait to see what they do with WP7.