Personal Finance Roundup

My Ten Biggest Money Savers Since Starting The Simple Dollar [The Simple Dollar] “Ten specific things that have had the biggest positive impact on our day-to-day finances over the past four years.”

8 drawbacks of being a millionaire [MSN Money] “Wealth comes with its own set of worries.”

How to Buy and Sell Physical Gold and Silver [Free Money Finance] “Specifics on the how tos of buying physical gold and silver.”

10 Things Outlet Malls Won’t Tell You [Smart Money] “We’re inconvenient on purpose.”

5 Tips to Stop Those Annoying Robo-Calls [Money Talks News] “Here are some things you can do that might help.”



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  1. lotussix says:

    i just got a pair of jordans from a nike outlet. same ones as sold in the store for $80 less – $125 vs $45. so the quality is not reduced there…. just “last years” model.

    i do not mind shopping outlets, but you gotta look for the higher quality stuff to really get your value out of it. for example, i like plain colored shirts with a small logo somewhere on the shirt whether it be left chest, on the back underneath the collar, shirtsleeve, etc. and i won’t buy one with a screen printed logo, i prefer the stitched ones. of course, i will buy screen printed shirts, but not the ones with the small logo.

    • pecan 3.14159265 says:

      Why is the logo especially important? I mean, what about shirts without logos?

      • lotussix says:

        i have “generic” shirts too with no logo, but they seem to lack in quality and the cut/fit from each manufacturer is different.

        however, the JERZEES long sleeve blanks they have at target are great for winter undershirts.

  2. richcreamerybutter says:

    I wonder if Demand Media was responsible for the “8 Drawbacks of Being a Millionaire” article. :)

    You’d think Smart Money would place an ad above the fold, hence the need to spread that advice over three page clicks.

    (My apologies for the second comment, but poor user interfaces have become so common and it’s incredibly frustrating!)

  3. selkie says:

    I actually prefer the purses that Coach makes specifically for its outlet stores to their department store/normal retail line. The outlet purses seem to be less trendy and more classic, and I can use them for more years without having to worry if they’re out of style.

  4. TouchMyMonkey says:

    I love these stories about how millionaires’ lives are so chock full of worry and hardship. My hearts bleeds not one bit. I wish I had “problems” like that, most of which can be easily mitigated by refusing to “keep up with the Joneses.” Screw the Joneses, the exclusive gated community where they live, and their snooty country club; why would I want to be like those assholes?

    You know what I’d do if I had a million dollars? Nothing. At least, nothing like the people at MSN Money think I’d do. I would get up when I damn well pleased, hit the gym so I don’t get too flabby, fix my house, maybe join the volunteer fire department, and drink Maker’s Mark every night before bed. But I would not feel compelled to move, or buy a Bentley (Sam Walton drove an old pickup truck), or any of the other idiotic things people who just struck it rich typically do.

    And the least thing I would be worried about is paying my fair share of taxes.