What You Hate About Retailers

Over at DailyFinance.com, they asked readers to give nominate the most annoying ways in which retail stores try to squeeze you for extra cash or tempt you into spending more.

In addition to the standards like Christmas Creep, bait-and-switch, up-selling and mis-priced products, some the items on their list of Retailers’ 15 Most Annoying Habits include:

Telling You How Much You “Saved”
Many readers find it annoying that, as they’re paying their bill, the cashier will often tell them how much they supposedly saved by shopping there. “That I call insulting your intelligence,” says one commenter. Even worse, another reader notes that when you turn down the much-despised store credit card offer, the salesperson will sometimes say, “‘You could have saved X dollars if you had our card.’ It’s like you’re a child, and they’re scolding you.”

Putting Items Coveted by Children Near the Checkout
It’s not only parents who hate this tactic. All shoppers have to hear small children cry and beg for items near the checkout that parents don’t want to waste money on. Frequently they give in, to stop the embarrassing wails. Complains one parent: “Even if you manage to avoid the toy section while shopping with your children, they still manage to see something that they will want and throw a fit over not getting before you manage to get them out of the store.”

Retailers’ 15 Most Annoying Habits: Readers Speak Out [DailyFinance.com]

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