Things To Buy Exclusively At Warehouse Stores

Warehouse stores such as Costco and Sam’s Club like to lull you into a false sense of security, sure that everything you see on shelves is cheaper there than elsewhere. But in many cases, warehouse prices are unbeatable.

Coupon Sherpa checks in with suggestions of items you should buy only at the biggest of big-box stores. Here are a few of the site’s suggestions:

*TVs — The prices are competitive and warehouses offer lax return policies to safeguard against breakage.

*AA Batteries — Far-off expiration dates mean you can buy in bulk, save and store them until the apocalypse.

*Pre-Ground Coffee — Beans from warehouse stores beat ritzy joints in taste-tests, and since coffee can keep for quite a while, it makes sense to buy a humongous tub.

*Tires — According to the site, Costco offers some tough-to-beat tire deals.

If you shop at Costco or Sam’s Club, what items do you believe you save the most money?

11 Products You Should Only Buy at Big Box Stores [Coupon Sherpa]

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