Federal Court Shuts Down LimeWire With Permanent Injunction

LimeWire, the Gnutella-based peer-to-peer file-sharing service, is no more. Major record labels, also known as file-sharers’ archnemesis the RIAA, obtained an injunction from a U.S. District Court judge in New York City that stops Limewire from distributing their software or facilitating any file-sharing.

In a statement, the company tells the media, “While this is not our ideal path, we hope to work with the music industry in moving forward. We look forward to embracing necessary changes and working with the entire music industry in the future.” That’s optimistic, but record labels want compensation for the billions of copyrighted files shared using Limewire.

A trial is set for January.

Injunction [LimeWire] (PDF)
Sour ruling for LimeWire as court says to turn off P2P functionality [Ars Technica] (Thanks, Chad!)

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