What's Your Debt Free Date?

If you die owing money, that means you won the game of life. But some folks harbor a silly fantasy of actually clawing their way out of the imploded Chilean mines of debt they’ve created for themselves. They put themselves on a budget, hope for job security and the eventual reinstatement of raises and map out exactly when they might taste the financial freedom all too few get to taste.

Personal Finance blogger Girl with the Red Balloon, who is chipping away at more than $16,000 of student loan debt on a $24,000 salary says she’ll be out of debt June 1, 2013. She uses the far-off date as encouragement to stay focused on her frugality.

How much debt are you in, and if you plan on getting out of it one day, when do you hope that will be?

Debt Free Date [Girl with the Red Balloon]

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