Best Buy Sells Something On Craigslist

Reader Coco spotted a Craigslist ad that seems to have been made by a Best Buy employee desperate to get rid of an open-box item that’s stuck on its shelves.

The ad is selling a two-way floor speaker for $600, saying the original price is nearly $1,100. It lists a California Best Buy location as the address for an ad examiner to come by and snatch it up.

The listing isn’t the only example of Best Buy hocking stuff on the site.

Have you noticed any other retailers hitting Craigslist?

Vienna Acoustics Bach Grand 7 2-Way Floor Speaker (Each) – Cherry – $600 ( San Jose ) [Craigslist]


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  1. UCLAri: Allergy Sufferer says:

    Hey, I gotta say that I find this pretty cool. Not Best Buy’s involvement per se, but the way that social interwebz is allowing for much more direct sales of goods to customers. Someone may benefit from the speaker, but wouldn’t have known about it otherwise.

    • a354174 says:

      Worst Buy has a bad reputation for a reason. The employees have to deceive, lie, cheat, steal to basically make sales because management pushes them so hard. They look like they are on commision for this reason and they are not.

      The craigslist ad is just a desperate employee under a lot of pressure to make sales.

      Notice my screename. It’s a best buy employee ID.

      This means if Worst Buy wanted, they could look me up in their system and sue me or whatever they want. used to be a good site to learn more about the tactics of this horrible place.

  2. BannedInBrittan says:

    So? I don’t see anything wrong with this. They’re clearly spelling out the condition of the item and their affiliation.

    • Gramin says:

      This is the problem with Consumerist. I think this is a great post and could/should encourage other readers to look at Craigslist for deals from reputable companies. The problem, however, is that we assume Phil and Consumerist are taking another swipe at Best Buy because that’s all they ever do. Their primary goal is to attack Wal-Mart and Best Buy whereas they should be focused on providing consumers with great information, like this.

      • RandomHookup says:

        I don’t think there was an evil intent by Consumerist. It’s just unusual to see a big box retailer selling stuff on Craigslist and worth some discussion (and of course all the BB haters will come out of the woodwork to drive up the comment count).

        • catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

          well, for everything except furniture. craigslist has had a ‘furniture by dealer’ section for a long time now. i’m pretty sure those businesses pay for their ads though and that’s part of how craigslist stays afloat.

        • Griking says:

          This is just my opinion but I think that I’d respect this place a lot more if there wasn’t so much bias in the news postings. I understand that the purpose of this site is to help and protect consumers but you don’t have to hate and constantly insult retailers to achieve this goal.

          Leave all the personal bias at the door and let the customers form their own opinions please.

          • RandomHookup says:

            This seems to be a fairly neutral post. The snark factor is very low and there isn’t any obvious intent to mock Best Buy.

      • BannedInBrittan says:

        The word ‘desperate’ might qualify as a swipe at Best Buy so I’m not really assuming anything. Plus this looks like it’s one store doing it and not a unified effort by Best Buy so this post is really only informative to a very small subset of the site readers. Combining those two facts makes me think this whole post was leaning more toward the swipe/snark side.

        • BannedInBrittan says:

          Also Phil’s use of the ‘I’ve seen better buys actually’ tag is a snark/swipe and doesn’t really apply to this story. We all know Phil is bias so I expect this type of ‘editing’ from him…

          • Taliskan says:

            ‘I’ve seen better buys actually’ makes sense. I’ve seen better buys on Craigslist than in Best Buy in terms of them trying to move an item. Granted the tag is not used for positive stances, but it can apply here.

            I think you are reading into this a bit too much and personally.

            • nbs2 says:

              Ben, Meg, Chris, Laura – they’d get the benefit of the doubt. With Phil, most folks wonder if he has a picture of Ben killing baby seals with and elephant ivory club or something.

  3. Krislee98 says:

    I know a guy who bought a kegerator off of Craigslist and it was being sold by Best Buy. He lives in the Twin Cities are (home of Best Buy) and the guy he bought it from said they regularly will sell individual remaining items on Craigslist if they’re not moving from the shelves.

    • FrugalFreak says:

      They also sell some awesome values there by local pickup on ebay. I wish there was an wharehose locally so I could do pickup on ultra cheap items.

  4. adamczar says:

    I don’t like Best Buy, but as long as it’s not being sneaky (it says “Best Buy” right in the ad), I don’t think there’s anything wrong with this.

  5. Serpephone says:


  6. cntrysigns says:

    I think this is a great idea. You’re more likely not to get ripped off by a company then by trusting some random listing. (not to say companies don’t rip us off sometimes hence the the need for this site) I have stuff from my shop thats been here a while, I might just have to try it. I will need to re-read craigslist’s terms of service first, just to make sure I’m allowed to list it. :)

  7. Mighty914 says:

    Nothing wrong with this. It could actually benefit someone looking for a deal, and I’d much rather find a deal at Best Buy than through some random person.

    The only thing I wonder about is since it says, “first come, first serve,” is there a little too much potential for bait and switch here? This could just be a good way to lure people into the store.

    • Gramin says:

      It also says “Please call us for availability” so I’m not too concerned about the bait and switch. They seem to be quite honest here.

    • UltimateOutsider says:

      It’s mainly because when you post anything at CraigsList you always get 50 emails from people saying, “I really want it but I won’t have money or a way to pick up the item until next Tuesday. Will you hold it for me?” Always.

  8. ajaxd says:

    If an employee thinks outside the box, more power to him/her. I personally have not seen large businesses use Craigslist but I see smaller ones advertise goods/services all the time.

  9. paulthegeek says:

    Car dealerships sell stuff on Craigslist all the time. In fact, there is a specific filtering option on the site to view ONLY vehicles being sold by dealerships or those being sold by individuals.

  10. XianZhuXuande says:

    Best Buy store management trying to clear out a clearance or open box item. They probably have too many. I’ve seen it a number of times before. Works quite well!

  11. pgh9fan1 says:

    When I worked for a large printing supply company we routinely sold dead stock on eBay. It was product that had already been written off against P&L so any money we got was pure profit. And, since I did the work at home I got a cut of the sales. It worked out great for everyone.

  12. mister_roboto says:

    Best Buy also operates an E-Bay outlet store (no warranty)- selling mostly the floor model stuff, I got a few Wii controllers for super dirt cheap that work fantastic.

  13. HalOfBorg says:

    The “Open Box Reason” is “Open Box, Excellent Condition”?

    So it’s an open box because it’s an excellent condition open box??

    • jeffpiatt says:

      it’s a product return with all the parts but it can’t be resold as new since the first buyer cut the factory tape so it’s discounted the have a separate open box mark for Floor models that take all the abuse from children and shoppers.

  14. LordofthePing says:

    Here in Canada my local Future Shop (an electronics store owned by Best Buy) uses Kijiji to advertise stuff. I found an amazing deal that way.

  15. Plasmafox says:

    If they were listing general merch I would have a problem with this. Sounds like they’re using it as a last-ditch effort to get rid of something they don’t want, just the same as alot of the individuals using CL. Seems OK to me. As long as the item in question can’t be “optimized”

  16. hennese says:

    heh heh I just clicked the Prohibited button on the craigslist ad. a few more people doing the same and it will get removed :) woohoo

  17. Geekybiker says:

    Annoying. So now we are going have to dig through more corporate adds looking for the deals we want from private parties? Same thing happened to ebay with a million companies hawking cheap junk from china clogging up the listings so I can’t find the guy who’s selling a used whatever.

  18. MeowMaximus says:

    Gahh! It’s a trap! I guarantee Worst Buy will screw you over on this deal.

  19. MeowMaximus says:

    Gahh! It’s a trap! I guarantee Worst Buy will screw you over on this deal.

  20. jeffpiatt says:

    This is new for craigslist but companies have been using social sales sites to unload slow moving open box products for a while. Sears, Best Buy, and others put up Ebay outlets to move returned products and old display models that have nothing wrong except for a sealed box.

  21. davidsco says:

    Good, so now THEY can get innundated with fake responses from scammers in Africa. That’s all Craigslist is these days

  22. crossthreaded says:

    I recently flagged a bunch of ads on the local craigslist with the location listed as (walmart, anytown usa)

  23. crossthreaded says:

    I recently flagged a bunch of ads on the local craigslist with the location listed as (walmart, anytown usa)

  24. amd555 says:

    The store manager will be getting a call from his DM today. It is against Best Buy corp policy to use service such as classified ads, craiglist, and or ebay. Everything is either sold in store or liquidate through using dealtree ( a best buy co too)/.

  25. madmallard says:

    the problem is that these types of speakers generally have ridiculous markup, so any demo unit, despite functionally being usually in great shape, is toxic sitting in stock.

  26. ITDEFX says:

    So…when is the geek squad van going to start pulling up in some other businesses parking lots and try to sell speakers from the back of the van?

  27. gman863 says:

    At least the ad wasn’t offering an underage girl for a “happy ending”.

  28. narcs says:

    if it helps to move the open box products, why not. I go into a best buy, futureshop or whatever retail store and I’d rather pay a little bit more to have a sealed box rather than a discounted open box item.

    I bought a new gps and the guy took the box out from the locked display cabinet and took it to the register. I asked if I could see the box and when he handed it over I saw that the map decal on the unit was upside down while the unit itself was in the proper place. I questioned it and he said ‘oh it was probably a mistake at the packaging place. Turning the box over I saw where the seal had been cut, most likely used to show a customer or it could have been a repackaged return. I questioned the seal and the guy gave me some BS story so I left and bought the same gps at another store. – they try and sell returned product or demo models as new… BS to that, sell it on craigslist.

  29. Mackinstyle1 says:

    So long as they don’t just saturate Craigslist with tonnes of new products, making Craigslist just another front for advertising, I’m okay with this.

  30. wellfleet says:

    This is completely against corporate policy at Best Buy and this store is probabky going to get in trouble over this. On the other hand, those are absolutely gorgeous speakers, and that price is literally KILLER for Vienna Acoustics. I would jump on this in a heartbeat.