White iPhone 4 Delayed Once More

If you’re sick of your white headphones not matching the black shell of your iPhone, you’ll now have to wait until spring.

The rumor mill went into overdrive that the oft-delayed white iPhone 4 would soon be here after an updated version of the App Store iPhone app included an option to reserve a white device in stores. But, say the dudes from Cupertino, you’ll have to wait until 2011.

“We’re sorry to disappoint customers waiting for the white iPhone yet again, but we’ve decided to delay its release until this spring,” the company tells CNN.

What do you think will be available first: A white iPhone or a Verizon iPhone?

White iPhone 4 delayed until spring [CNN]


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  1. rpm773 says:

    We need more elephant tusks in order to meet demand, damn it!

  2. pop top says:

    What will people ever do?!!!!

    • FoxCMK says:

      I feel so sorry for all those desperate iPhone 3GS owners waiting so patiently for this! It must be heart-wrenching.

      I’ll pour a drink out for you poor, sad souls tonight.

  3. JohnDeere says:

    love my white xv6900 on verizon, but gawd thats ugly.

  4. InsomniacZombie says:

    I just wish they would make black headphones to match the black iPods and iPhones out there.

    • kjherron says:

      Sony makes some earbuds with an ipod-type microphone and remote. They’re black, they sound nice, and they have both earplug and non-earplug models.

  5. eirrom says:

    What am I missing? Why can Apple make a black iPhone but not a white one? Would it not come down to changing the dye used to make the housing for the phone? It seems crazy that they keep delaying this. It is just a matter of trying to create some sort of demand for the white one to keep the iPhone in the news? It is always in the news.

    • evilrobot says:

      reports are that the white case allows light to affect the camera sensor, resulting in overexposed photos.

      / just sayin’.

    • OSAM says:

      The white plastic has always been a royal pain. It discolours VERY easily and cracks almost constantly.

  6. Daggertrout says:

    Maybe they’re waiting on the redesigned antenna?

  7. c!tizen says:

    All iPhones are white, you’re just looking at them wrong.

  8. Macgyver says:

    Oh, poor people, they can’t get a white iPhone.

    Just get a white case to match the headphones, or get good quality over the ears headphone.

  9. Smiley Massacre says:

    Eh, give it any more time, and Apple will have already announced the new iPhone.

    Then again, the white phone will be $100 cheaper!

  10. georgi55 says:

    I’m gonna call it Vaporware. By they time they figured out new iPhone will be out next June.

  11. dr_drift says:

    Delayed until 2011 due to insufficient power to the hype machine. Please put on your hippest outfit and begin feverishly foaming at the mouth in order to provide your portion of the power. You may also repeat “I GOTTA HAVE IT!” three to six hundred times per day.

  12. The cake is a lie! says:

    Seriously… who the hell cares??? You want a white iPhone? Get a freaking white iPhone case. Morons…

    Your white headphones don’t match your black iPhone? Poor baby!! How about this… BUY SOME FREAKING BLACK EARPHONES!!! It isn’t like the ones that come with phones are very good anyway. Just go get some Skull Candy FMJ heaphones and be freaking happy already. Good grief!!! Like the color seriously matters. You’ll never see this coming from any other crowd than the Apple crowd. Nobody else cares what color their phone is or if their headphones match.

    • kingofmars says:

      That quite a long comment to question who cares about a white iPhone. I have two reasons why I’m waiting for a white iPhone 4. It’s easier to find on a black leather couch in dim light. Also it will be easier to tell at a glance if it’s my phone or my girlfriends phone. Indont care about the headphones matching.

      • SBR249 says:

        Use a different case of a very bright color, neon orange for instance. Case closed, next please.

        • kingofmars says:

          That’s one solution, however the screen around phone face will still be black. Another, simpler solution is to wait until the white iPhone comes out.

      • jesirose says:

        My BF and I were concerned about telling our phones apart, but it became easy. We use different wallpaper. So you just hit the lock button…my phone or not?

    • CFinWV says:

      You seem to be more concerned about white iPhones than anyone else. Relax…

    • gman863 says:

      Finally, someone who is making sense!

      Although the iPhone may have a few redeeming features (ones I have yet to discover based on its inflated price and service plans), too many people treat Steve Jobs like a f*cking cult leader and Apple like a cult.

      Case in point: Apple’s iTunes is a complete ripoff. Between the required background software (Bonjour, etc.), digital rights management and Rube Goldberg process of playing files on anything other than an iPod/iPhone, it’s no wonder people are snapping up the iCrap docking devices available.

      If you want legitimate music downloads with the iHassles, Amazon offers at least as many songs as iTunes – no digital rights management bullsh*t, no overpriced iHadToBuyThisToListenToTheMusiciPurchased devices required.

      The moral: Phones are a lot like people. When you stop obcessing over color and look at what’s underneath you’ll learn a lot.

  13. levenhopper says:

    I bet the white iPhone will be released on Verizon, hence it’ll be a tie as to which comes first.

  14. daemonaquila says:

    Argh! Apple, WHO CARES? Please, cancel the stupid white iPhone! Please fix the problems (breaking glass, poor reception, etc.) in the iPhone, and get one released for Verizon so we can ditch AT&T hell!

  15. zibby says:

    Does Amnesty International know about this?

  16. Rocket says:

    So, when can I get my white Verizon iPhone?

  17. spunkmonkey says:

    Oh my GOD! There is no humanly way I could care any less about this.

    • lotussix says:

      there is, actually. you could just not post altogether.

      but the fact that you posted that you don’t care sorta shows that you do care.

  18. CFinWV says:

    Why is it that a delay in the production of white iPhones automatically equates to “anyone who would like to have a white iPhone is going ABSOLUTELY BATSHIT INSANE RIGHT NOW, OMG!!!” It looks more like the armchair critics around this place are once again the ones making this into a crisis.

  19. MeowMaximus says:

    I can get you a white iPhone, only $99! Just send me your boring old black iPhone, and I’ll send you an identical model in white. I’ll even transfer all of your data to the new phone!

    Now, where did I put that can of white spray paint…