Ticketmaster Won't Refund Shipping Charge For Unshipped World Series Tickets

As mentioned earlier, the World Series starts tonight. Consumerist reader Louis is doubly ticked-off because A) his Yankees aren’t playing and B) Ticketmaster is still holding onto some of the money he paid for tickets to a game he’ll never see.

Writes Louis:

Unfortunately I’m a Yankee fan. I managed to snag World Series tickets. Today I received an email saying that my refund was processed as a result of no World Series games being played in NY.

I was told that my handling fees were not going to be refunded, and to take it up with Ticketmaster. So I call them and they explain that this is the UPS fee. They say I used the service, so I cant get a refund.

Fair enough, except, I never received anything, and after some inquiring, it’s explained to me that since the event was canceled, nothing was actually mailed.

So if a service is not rendered, I should be refunded, no? According to them, a REQUEST was put in for the refund, but it is no guarantee.

I was even told that part of the reason for not being refunded was because Ticketmaster printed the tickets. Now, pardon me, but if I’m not refunded a UPS fee, then I totally expect to receive SOMETHING from UPS, useless or not.

Louis says he’s been told he’ll receive some sort of response from Ticketmaster in the next 24-72 hours. In the meantime, he plans to talk to his credit card company to see if a chargeback is in order.

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