I Do Not Appreciate Your Drug-Pushing Calls, CVS

Josh used to get his prescriptions at CVS. He stopped when the company kept calling him, pushing more drugs, and refused to stop calling no matter who he asked. CVS seems to believe that they can annoy customers into purchasing more drugs.

On my girlfriend’s request, she had mentioned that you might be able to help get the word out on my latest CVS experience. I use their pharmacy for my prescriptions. They keep calling me every month to see if I need to buy more drugs and if I don’t, they keep pressuring me to buy them. I have contacted my local pharmacy and CVS corporate multiple times to get off their phone list but it keeps happening! I find these phone calls very offensive and intrusive. If one does not want their calls, they should be able to opt out easily. I feel that CVS is a drug pusher! I understand the need to remind people of their prescriptions but when one politely requests that they be deleted from their phone list, they should comply.

I have just changed pharmacies in hopes of finding one that respects a person’s privacy.

Have any other readers experienced the same drug-pushing calls as Josh?

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