Cablevision Offers 1-Year Deal To Fox To End Stand-Off

We may have spoken too soon when we wrote that no resolution appeared to be on the horizon in the Fox/Cablevision water balloon war over carriage fees.

With only hours to go before the World Series begins airing on Fox, a rep for Cablevision released the following statement to Consumerist:

In the interest of Cablevision’s 3 million households and our mutual viewers, today we have made a new offer to News Corp. Simply put: we agree to pay the rate Fox charges Time Warner Cable for carriage of WNYW-Fox 5 New York and WTXF-Fox 29 Philadelphia for a period of one year. This is higher than the rate we pay any other New York broadcast station. This solution is in the best interest of not only baseball fans but of all Cablevision customers and Fox viewers. We look forward to a positive response.

Now we just sit and wait to see if Rupert Murdoch’s team accepts the offer.

What this means for Cablevision subscribers’ rates remains to be seen. We’ve requested a comment on this topic from the cable company and will update when we hear anything back.


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  1. aja175 says:

    So how much more expensive is it going to be?

  2. Its_Miller_Time says:

    …and what happens next year?

    • Chris Morran says:

      I get to just copy-paste these stories/quotes all over again. Just change the dates and names of teams playing in the world series…

      • frank64 says:

        Yeah, same thing next year, only a little higher increase. Issue not resolved in the consumers favor.

  3. MerlynNY says:

    Stupid move Cablevision. Guess what you’re going to have to deal with when Channels 2, 4, 7, 9 and 11 want more money?

  4. shell_beach says:

    who cares! cablevision still has crappy service, crappy HD, horrible download speeds, random outages….

    just get fios (if you can)

    you can thank me later.

  5. TerpBE says:

    I’m sure we won’t have any more of these problems once Comcast buys NBC. They’ll be happy to negotiate low rates for their competitors.

  6. Blueskylaw says:

    “In the interest of Cablevision’s 3 million households and our mutual viewers, today we have made a new offer to News Corp.”

    TRANSLATED: Our house was on fire and News Corp. had the only fire hose available, so we caved into their demands.

    • nybiker says:

      Yeah, and they probably think they are doing their customers a favor too.
      “In the interest of our customers” – that is just too funny to believe. I am still wondering if they are planning any sort of credit to their customers. Look at Netflix. They have a problem for what, less than a day, and they are offering credits to people. And customers didn’t even have to ask for it (well, from what I understand, you had to click on a link in the email that was sent to you).

  7. schiff says:

    Rupert Murdoch is a scumbag

    • vastrightwing says:

      … but he’s doing it for his stock holders, don’t you know.

      I blame the subscribers who insist on paying the outrageous fees. No different than AT&T charging an arm and a leg to have the privilege of owning an Iphone.

      Seriously, only until subscribers start dropping off like flies, will this end. The FCC would have to insist on separating the infrastructure (cable/fiber) from the content and forcing the providers to bill the consumer directly. Then this will end. Not until then.

      • ajaxd says:

        Drop Cablevision and go where? Only one choice where I live. Satellite has it’s own issues and not everybody can get it installed.

  8. blinky says:

    Does anybody care? I bet if they just said “screw it” the price would come down.

  9. drofli says:

    The solution is simple. Get rid of the overpriced sports telecasts from regular network TV. Move it all to a subscription channel and make those who want to watch it, pay their own way.

    This way programs will in future run on schedule, without sports overruns, costs will drop and make Fox and the others pay Cablevision, Comcast, Time Warner and the satellite providers to carry their advertising financed channels.

  10. etz says:

    I didn’t care about the Oscars last year when another network was having a similar squabble, and I don’t care about the World Series.

    Cablevision should tell Fox to pound sand, and then watch as Fox’s sponsors flee.

    • ShadowFalls says:

      Cablevision isn’t big enough to make that kind of impact. They would need to have Verizon, Comcast, TWC, and Brighthouse to make a stand with them. Now that they realize they can get away with charging whatever they want, they will continue to do so.

    • DanRydell says:

      3 million subscribers in a country of 100 million households, most of whom are able to watch Fox. Yeah, I’m sure “Fox’s sponsors” are fleeing.

  11. islandgirl says:

    I must be missing something… I get Fox through my antenna for free. Does the deal in this article include ESPN or something? (I am woefully ignorant about televisions and sports!)

  12. golddog says:

    Bad move. If CV’s business model is so fragile that they have to cave in to extortion to save it – if only temporarily – then they’re doomed anyway. Fox is the one that that needs viewers for the World Series where only San Fran and Texas and a handful of others will be watching anyway. And it’s all downhill after that. Everything else you can BT or use TOR and watch on Hulu (since they’re illegally blocking CV IP addys).

  13. MustWarnOthers says:

    Trying to pick a side in disputes like this seems akin to defending either side in an argument between a pedophile rapist and a serial murdered in who is more criminal.

    Cablevision should tell News Corp to swallow a warm mouthful, then buy a ton of Coax input Antenna in bulk and distribute them to their customers in exchange for the lack of Fox channels.

  14. JoeTaxpayer says:

    When I lived in NYC, OTA reception was fine, in fact it’s all we had.
    I’d like to see everyone voting with their wallet, just put up the rabbit ears for local OTA FOX, and not pay them a dime.