Honda Recalls Nearly 500K Cars Over Brake Problems

Remember yesterday when Toyota recalled 1.53 million cars over concerns about leaking brake fluid? Apparently the problem is contagious, with Honda issuing a recall of their own on 470,000 Acura and Honda vehicles.

A rep for the car company told the Detroit News that the recall covers some 2005-07 Acura RL and 2005-07 Honda Odyssey vehicles.

The issue in both the Toyota and Honda recalls involves a part manufactured by the same company, identified as Advics.

Apparently, if customers use brake fluid other than the original type, the seal on the master cylinder can fail, diminishing the car’s stopping power.

Explains a rep for the company to Consumer Reports:

If a manual brake bleed is performed, with full and rapid stroke of the brake pedal, the seal can become twisted within its retention groove. Once that has occurred, a twisted seal can leak a small amount of brake fluid with each application of the pedal.

Honda will replace the brake master cylinder seal in all recalled vehicles. If leaking occurred, it also will replace the brake booster.

The Honda rep says that drivers will know if a leak is happening because it “will result in the brake fluid light illuminating before there is any loss of brake system performance. Although one brake circuit could gradually lose performance due to this cause, there would be no effect on the other brake circuit.”

If the warning light does come on, take your vehicle to the dealer for repair ASAP.

Owners may contact Honda customer service at: 800-999-1009.

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