Bank Refused Service To My Wife Because We're On Unemployment

Robert says three employees at an Oregon U.S. Bank refused to serve his wife, saying they don’t consider unemployment beneficiaries “real customers” on the level of conventional account holders.

He writes:

I have been unemployed in Oregon for a couple of months. Oregon uses US Bank to distribute funds and gives beneficiaries a visa debit card in which is deposited their funds every month.

We needed a printout to prove I was receiving benefits so my wife went into the local US Bank. She was denied by three separate people at the bank, including the manager. She was told that US Bank did not consider unemployment beneficiaries to be real customers of US Bank and we can not be served by tellers.

This kind of treatment doesn’t make much sense. We reached out to U.S. Bancorp for comment and will update this post with its response.

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