To Sell You A Used Game, This GameStop Requires Your Phone Number

Did you know that GameStop is a membership-only establishment, like a warehouse club? You’re only allowed to shop there if you have their rewards card. I didn’t know that, and neither did Jeff. He tells Consumerist that he foolishly tried to purchase a game, but refused to join the rewards program or give the cashier his phone number. The cashier, in turn, refused to sell anything to him.

He writes:

Seriously! The gamestop in [redacted] was busy this past Saturday afternoon.

After waiting in line the saleslady asked me if I wanted to join their rewards program. I respectfully declined, as I do at most retail establishments.

She seemed annoyed, “I don’t understand why anybody wouldn’t want to save ten percent.” After which she asked for my phone number.

I told her I did not want to give my phone number, as I just wanted to pay for my game and be on my way. She then told me she needed my phone number.

I asked her if she was able to sell me the game without my phone number, in which she responded that she would not. I put the game down and walked away while she
said , “ok, whatever” or something along those lines.

I understand that retail stores are pressured to sign up as many people they can to these rewards programs, but I hope they realize that these programs are simply not for everyone. I find it interesting that Gamestop would forfeit a sale in this regard. Especially considering the game was used, which from my understanding is where Gamestop makes a majority of their revenue. Nevertheless I left the [redacted] Mall Gamestop without a game in hand, a game I was ready and willing to pay for.

I wonder how many rewards the phone number 867-5309 has racked up by now.

Try calling the store manager at a slower time for a retail establishment (say, a weekday.) Of course, this may be futile if the store manager is the one who set impossibly high targets for rewards sign-up and/or phone number collection.

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