Personal Finance Roundup

5 ways to wreck your retirement [MSN Money] “So, you think you’re prepared for retirement? You might be overlooking big traps.”

10 least stressful jobs [CNN Money] “Feeling overworked and overwhelmed? Maybe it’s time for a career change to one of these 10 fields.”

10 free sources for home repair know-how [Smart Spending] “You can overcome the fear that you’ll make a mistake that will cost thousands of dollars to fix.”

Explaining Résumé Gaps to Employers [Wall Street Journal] “It’s important to have your story ready and turn your experiences during that gap into a plus for a prospective employer.”

10 More Essential Skills You Didn’t Learn in College [The Simple Dollar] “Most of the skills that a person uses in a financially, professionally, and personally successful life are developed outside of a classroom.”


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