How You'll Be Robbed Of $423 This Year Without Realizing It

If Punky Brewster taught me anything, it’s that shoplifting is harmful to everyone’s bottom line. Retailers, which pass the costs of insurance against theft to customers, will cause the average shopper to part with $423 extra at the mall this year.

CNN Money reports a Global Retail Theft Barometer report from the Center for Retail Research finds the American cost for store theft is more than double the global average.

American retailers lost $40 billion due to theft in the most recent fiscal year, making up 1.5 percent of total sales, the story says. It’s safe to say zero percent of that figure comes from those who’ve been scared straight by episode 13 of season 2 of Punky.

Thieves will cost you $423 at the mall this year [CNN Money]
(Thanks, bubbicito!)

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