Time Warner Cable Customers To Finally Get ESPN3 Access Next Monday

It’s been more than a month since Time Warner Cable and Disney ironed out their differences and announced that customers of the cable company would be getting access to ESPN’s online portal ESPN3. Now we finally have a date — Oct. 25.

Writes Dow Jones Newswire:

If ESPN’s online channels are successful in driving viewership while protecting the TV industry’s subscription business, that could provide a vital boost to the TV industry in fulfilling its longheld aspiration of making video content available to subscribers on popular new digital media platforms, including mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. Some observers accuse the industry of being slow in that effort.

One of the reasons that TWC had been so reluctant to allow customers access to ESPN3 is that the service is paid for by the internet provider instead of by individual subscribers to the site.

Time Warner Cable, Disney to start ESPN on Web [TotalTele.com via FierceCable.com]

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