Favre's Photography Endeavor Could Lose Him $100 Million In Endorsements

Over his storied career, Brett Favre has developed a reputation for inexplicable turnovers, but his off-field exploits could cause his biggest giveaway yet. Accusations that he sent lewd pictures and text messages to a whistle blower could make him cough up $100 million in potential endorsements over the rest of his life.

A Yahoo report speculates the flub will put Favre in the same undesirable class as Tiger Woods, Rick Pitino and Ben Roethlisberger. But sports fans have a tendency to forgive and forget sexual indiscretions by their heroes. Just look at Kobe Bryant.

Playing on his easy-going, man’s man image, Favre has endorsed jeans, lawnmowers and hunting rifles, among other products.

How have Favre’s alleged exploits changed your opinion about him?

Favre’s photo folly may cost him $100 Million [Yahoo]

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