Favre's Photography Endeavor Could Lose Him $100 Million In Endorsements

Over his storied career, Brett Favre has developed a reputation for inexplicable turnovers, but his off-field exploits could cause his biggest giveaway yet. Accusations that he sent lewd pictures and text messages to a whistle blower could make him cough up $100 million in potential endorsements over the rest of his life.

A Yahoo report speculates the flub will put Favre in the same undesirable class as Tiger Woods, Rick Pitino and Ben Roethlisberger. But sports fans have a tendency to forgive and forget sexual indiscretions by their heroes. Just look at Kobe Bryant.

Playing on his easy-going, man’s man image, Favre has endorsed jeans, lawnmowers and hunting rifles, among other products.

How have Favre’s alleged exploits changed your opinion about him?

Favre’s photo folly may cost him $100 Million [Yahoo]


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  1. bigfog says:

    I’m not sure how much it will really affect the man. His fans have a certain love affair that transcends the normal hero worship and puts him in an entirely different stratosphere.

  2. apd09 says:

    I might be in the minority here but just because a celebrity/sports star endorses a product does not mean I am going to buy it. Brett Favre endorses Wrangle jeans, but I am a Levi’s person. I get that it is supposed to instill a subconscious level of confidence in a product though I think many people are willing to look past that back of the brain confidence and make a decision based on price, quality, etc… I highly doubt that any celebrity on a regular basis uses the products that they are paid to endorse when they are not being paid.

    • Marlin says:

      Problem is if Celeb endorsements did not work then nobody would pay them.

      I never buy based on who is holding it up, but never under estimate the average person. ;-)

      • apd09 says:

        Problem is if Celeb endorsements did not work then nobody would pay them. yes they would because it is all about hubris and image. They want to seem important so they hire well known people, but that does not mean that sales will increase. There are 2 parts to remember branding/image and actual sales. Just because you have a great brand recognition does mean you are going to sales.

    • quijote says:

      The problem is, it’s almost impossible to simply look past the subconscious influence of advertising. Studies have shown that while nearly everyone believes that they are able to overcome the influence of advertising, and remain objective, their actual purchases are still influenced by it. But I’m not sure how it works if you actually don’t like the person endorsing the product, or have some negative association. Could have the opposite effect. “Hmm… should I get Levi jeans, or wrinkled old cock jeans?”

      • apd09 says:

        You are 100% correct but those studies are based on people who have no realization of the endorsement. For the other people like me, full disclosure I work in marketing, out there who see the endorsement it does not matter to me whether I have positive, negative, or no reaction to a celebrity endorsement because my bottom line is price and quality. There are many other people out there who have the same reaction that I do, but we are in the minority of consumers, that is why my comment said “I might in the minority” because I am fully aware of the celebrity endorsement but it does not influence my particular buying habits but I know it may influence others. Not to stereotype but let me just say NASCAR sponsorships because that is a huge market of people who buy things based on who endorses it and whom is endorsed by it.

        • jason in boston says:

          You can’t market to intelligent people. Advertising isn’t really meant for informed people. It is meant for people that don’t know much about a product.

          Although, Nascar did work for me. Whenever Tony Stewart would say something off the wall after a race, I would go to Home Depot instead of Lowes back when he raced for the Home Depot team.

          • pawnblue says:

            And yet, I see lots of intelligent people purchasing all the items I see advertised.

            Everyone thinks that ads don’t work, but they do. Do you seriously think that Coke or Budweiser doesn’t know more about whether to spend millions in advertising than you do? That they are just throwing away money?

            Do you have any purchased foods in your fridge? Are they name brand or store-label? Assuming you don’t coupon it up, you are falling victim to advertising. Often the foods are identical, even made in the same plant. But you don’t buy happy-o’s because Cheerios has figured out a way to get you to pay more. Part of that is advertising.

      • EWU_Student says:

        “Hmm… should I get Levi jeans, or wrinkled old cock jeans?”

        You, sir or madame, owe me a new keyboard.

  3. Marlin says:

    If Kobe can get his AD money back for what he did, then this is nothing for Farve to worry about.

  4. prezuiwf says:

    As a Packer fan, it hasn’t changed my opinion of him one bit. I still think he’s a sleazebag.

    • lawnmowerdeth says:

      At least Minnesota fans have learned what it’s like living and dying by the gunslinger. Last Monday and the NFC Championship game…

  5. Karen says:

    For those of us reading Consumerist at work … couldya please put a “page title NSFW” note on that first link? Geez!

  6. dbeahn says:

    So the accusation is being brought by a woman who’s only real talent is her ability to take her clothes off? I’m not a huge Farve fan, but this woman seems to have made a career out of being a skank (from what I can tell from the article on Yahoo), and I’m not sure I’m willing to believe that she didn’t encourage all this just to turn around and make accusations.

    • SixOfOne says:

      Wow, slut shaming much? She didn’t even bring up the issue, someone else did. And no matter who it is, sending a picture of your dick, unsolicited is creepy and gross. Keep it in your pants.

      • dbeahn says:

        Wow, cock shaming much? Also, how in the world does TELLING THIS STORY TO A REPORTER translate into “she didn’t bring it up”? Duh. You don’t tell a story like this to someone that writes for a gossip blog like Deadspin if you *don’t want the story to get out*.

        • BomanTheBear says:

          Maybe try looking at the dates? It happened in February, and she’d been trying to out Favre as a creepy ass since then without looking like she was profiting from it. She only released the photos in August. And yeah, Deadspin may be a defamation blog, but they at least do some fact-checking. They weren’t going to run the story unless there was solid proof, or a name and face to stake a reputation on. If she didn’t attach herself to it, it would be very easily dismissable.

          Beyond that, he apparently has been doing this shit for years. Just like when gay-bashing politicians get busted in homosexual prostitution acts, I love seeing family-friendly marketing sports icons get shown for what they really are.

          • dbeahn says:

            Uh, WRONG. Read the article. In spite of telling the story and “going public” she has been unable to provide the voicemails and photos.

            If he DID it, he’s wrong. I see no reason, however, to believe a woman that is reporting this to a gossip blog that can’t seem to provide proof that she “has on her computer” (according to her according to the article) because there’s a problem with her Blackberry.

      • fatediesel says:

        I’m not going into the slut shaming, but to say she didn’t bring up the issue is a joke. Favre (allegedly) sent the photos and voice mails to her, so she had to give them to someone. She’s not claiming they were stolen. In the end this investigation is going to go nowhere because Favre is going to pay her off. Her manager was talking this week about how she has to do what’s best for her and the implication was clear that this problem could go away if Favre does what’s best for her, which is to pay her off. These athletes need to not be idiots and give evidence of their transgressions, but if they do they need to pay off the other party to keep it from going public.

      • jason in boston says:

        I love getting boob shots from women. Never, ever once will those pictures be looked at as unsolicited.

        I wanted to write some great moral paragraph, then I saw your avatar. I recently watched the entire series for the first time last month. 1 month to watch everything. Best show on tv. Even better than the Wire and Shield. Off to watch the Adama Maneuver.

    • Grabraham says:

      Some big boobed hoes have morals and souls believe it or not..

    • BomanTheBear says:

      Hey jackass, do some research. Read the first link up there. She didn’t even want to bring this up. It got coaxed out of her. Favre apparently just really likes getting drunk and sending pictures of his twignberries to people.

      • alfundo says:

        she’s the one who forwarded it from her phone…how was it coaxed out of her? she was the only one who could leak it.

      • dbeahn says:

        Hey dumbass? How in the world does TELLING THIS STORY TO A REPORTER translate into “she didn’t bring it up”? Duh. You don’t tell a story like this to someone that writes for a gossip blog like Deadspin if you *don’t want the story to get out*.

    • Anri says:

      I bet she was wearing a short skirt.

    • Disappointed says:

      Your comment is extremely vile and disgusting.

  7. namcam says:

    like he needs the money…

  8. Nolarchy says:

    The issue is not what he did, the issue is work place harassment. These are both Jets employees with an unequal power relationship; Brett being the one with the power by nature of his salary, face of the franchise, etc. We need to stop blaming the women in these situations, it’s misogynistic. The question is did she feel that she had to engage in these conversations, accept the texts, etc. b/c if not her status with the Jets would have been jeopardized.

    • dbeahn says:

      So far, she hasn’t provided anything except *accusations*. She claims to have proof on her computer, but can’t access it because of a problem with her Blackberry. Uh huh.

      But you believe we should just take her at her word, in spite of the fact that she went to the press rather than to Human Resources? Because if she goes to HR she’s way less likely to get paid off to shut up maybe?

  9. whosyer12 says:

    I respected him until he started his “retire, unretire” circus what-3 years ago? I think he’s a attention deprived media whore. I’ve felt that way for quite some time –so this latest doesn’t change how I view him—hell he probably enjoys the attention at some level.

    • djanes1 says:

      He’s not a media whore, he just hates having to go to training camp, off-season conditioning, etc. Retiring every year, then unretiring at the beginning of the season is a great way to avoid those things as long as the team still needs him.

  10. webweazel says:

    I’m still waiting for him to grow a pair of lips.

    First, I live just a few towns over from his hometown, so I’m sick of seeing his face everywhere and hearing about him all the time. Second, I thought his “retiring” tactics to get out of contracts was a slimy practice. With the double bonus of him projecting an image of being a “happily” married “family-guy” and adding on the harassment issue looking for some tail on the side from women who aren’t interested, to find my opinion of him, you’ll now have to dig.

  11. Wayne W says:

    Consumerist, are you that hard up for headlines? These charges are “alleged” at this point. Why would you start rolling out a crucifixion when he may be found totally innocent??? Not responsible on your part!!!

  12. RWD_V8 says:

    Can someone explain why this would be a Consumerist story? The only possible stretch could be to say “will you avoid Favre-endorsed products because of this alleged scandal”, but the article actually goes the other way and asks if our opinions have changed about the man himself.

    • Southern says:

      Yeah, I had to double check to make sure this wasn’t just a link to a Jezabel story at first, but the two websites aren’t owned by the same company anymore, so that shouldn’t have been the case.. *Shrug*

      Even if the whole story was about his endorsements, that still wouldn’t make it a consumer story, as there’s nothing about his endorsements that would affect me, as a consumer, in the least little bit. It’s just a topic that Phil likes, so he posts it. He does the same with neat new gadgets, games, etc.. Just something we’ve gotten used to. :)

  13. GuyGuidoEyesSteveDaveâ„¢ says:

    Sigh. I wish everyone would take my advice. If you plan on sending picts of yourself to someone, do what i do. I scour the interwebs for pictures that bear a slight resemblance to myself, but have something distinctive, like a mole I don’t, or they don’t have a mole/beauty mark where I do. Then I send those picts. That way, if it ever comes to a court of law, I can prove it’s not me.

    • BomanTheBear says:

      As usual, SteveDave, your advice is astute. There is wisdom incommon deception.

      • GuyGuidoEyesSteveDaveâ„¢ says:

        Not deception, per se. I don’t exaggerate, just substitute. I’m just protecting myself. If the other person never sells the pictures, they will never know.

    • howie_in_az says:

      So you Google for cock shots then spend a few minutes trying to match them up with yourself?

  14. common_sense84 says:

    That article is dumb. Tiger Woods only lost endorsement contracts because his contracts were top dollar and we were in a recession. Companies that dropped him exploited the situation to drop a contract they felt they could not justify under the shitty economy.

    Farve will be fine. No one is going to care at all.

    If Farve wants to be a football announcer, he is guaranteed the job.

  15. KlausKinsky says:

    We’ll never forget you Brent!

  16. Blueskylaw says:

    Would I buy jeans, lawnmowers and hunting rifles because Favre has endorsed them? No.
    I buy what I need because I need it or like it and celebrity endorsements don’t sway me in the least.
    I think Consumerist should do a story on “suckers” who buy products solely because of celebrity endorsements.

  17. SPOON - now with Forkin attitude says:

    I make my own celebrity endorsements at home

  18. jiarby says:

    I already forgot. Didn’t he used to be an NFL player?

  19. kobresia says:

    Well, he might have a shot at condom endorsements, depending on his ‘goods”.

  20. DriverB says:

    I used to love Favre. Then he started in with that whole ‘I’m retiring/no I’m not/just kidding/maybe I mean it this time’ garbage, and I was over it. His exhibition of little Favre just seals the deal.

  21. AllanG54 says:

    He’s the Roger Clemens of football. If you say you’re going to retire then retire already. He’s had more encores than Elvis. That’s what lessens my opinion of him more than anything. And with all his records he’s only been to the super bowl twice and only won one of those.

  22. TheGreySpectre says:

    Who is this guy? (I don’t watch team sports)

    • TheGreySpectre says:

      I need to revise that to “I don’t watch any sports except occasionally skiing and the olympics”

  23. FrugalFreak says:


  24. pot_roast says:

    I’m not sure it’ll go anywhere either, since the alleged “victim” has refused to speak to investigators and has provided no evidence at all yet.

    I think they should just drop the entire thing.