Use Feedfliks To Track What's Expiring Soon On Netflix

As Netflix continues to make deals that expand its library of streaming movie and TV shows, it’s easy to get a little overwhelmed by the new offerings and forget to watch something you’d been intending to stream. Now the folks at have created a sortable list that can help you keep track of what’s coming and going on Netflix.

At Feedfliks’ Streaming Central page, you can check out the titles that will be appearing soon, which will soon expire and which you’ve just missed.

For example, animated flick Bolt will disappear (at least for a while) on Oct. 16, while ’80s classic Fast Times At Ridgemont High goes up in smoke on Oct. 15.

How To Keep Track of Expiring Netflix Streaming Titles [Hacking Netflix]

Streaming Central [Feedfliks]


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  1. Southern says:

    Really? I never knew stuff “expired” from Streaming.. That would kinda defeat the purpose wouldn’t it? :(

    • fantomesq says:

      It definitely makes it a less valuable option. It isn’t as easy to keep a ‘library’ of titles that are assured to be there but based on the cost and the quality of the Netflix streaming service, it is worth the hassles.

    • 67alecto says:

      Netflix pays the studios when they are streamed, so they cycle movies in and out based on demand.

    • diasdiem says:

      Movies are typically available for months before they expire, and often are brought back very soon. In fact, a lot of times when the expiration passes they are brought back instantly. My online queue is currently almost full (limit 500) with about 340 of those currently available to watch. I have a bunch of movies I watch all the time on there. Even if they go away now and then, it’s still a great value, because by my calculations, at $8.99 a month split over a couple hundred movies I would have to be a member for decades before I had spent the amount of money it would cost to buy them, even if you figure $10 a DVD.

  2. Underpants Gnome says:

    Would have been nice to know about this before they pulled “Spartacus: Blood and Sand” out from under my feet when I was 7 episodes in.

    • Whtthfgg says:

      All titles will tell you when they are expiring on said titles page. Thats where this info is culled from.

      • macnbc says:

        It only says its about to expire when its less than a week out. Netflix used to post expiration dates more publicly and put a warning message on your queue when it was less than a month from expiring, but they shortened the window, because there are a lot of cases where Netflix will negotiate an extension for popular stuff just a couple weeks from expiration. (For example, I’ve been catching up on Doctor Who.. originally it said it would expire over a year ago, but obviously they’re all still there and now their expirations are in 2012.)

    • Stiv says:

      I feel your pain

  3. brianisthegreatest says:

    Oh I hate content licensing. It is so stupid. Unrelated, but still, Netflix has taken some bad deals in order to improve it’s streaming catalog which rarely sees improvements. NBC was big, but what’s been really good for movie streaming? I still see the same boring old non exciting movies newly available every week. I mean, it’s nice for when you’re bored and will watch anything, but you’re only bored so often, and I’d like to stream a popular movie that really benefits me by coming through a streaming service.

  4. aloria says:

    I know I was truly upset when Battlefield Earth expired. Luckily, it came back in all its one-star glory a few weeks ago. Death to all man-animals!

  5. Portlandia says:

    I had all the seasons of South Park in my instant view queue and it said it was expiring a few months ago, but then renewed itself. Not sure how often that happens but imagine it’s pretty common.

  6. RoadDogg says:

    This is great, the netflix streaming site does a horrible job of telling you what was just added. I hate seeing the “will go away on XX/XX” warning on the stuff in my queue though. I haven’t gotten around to watching Bolt yet and today they decided to tell me I have 3 days to watch it. They should just stick the end date on every title from day one so I can prioritize better.

  7. Rousedower says: does this as well.

    • Rousedower says:

      Replying to correct myself here: it does look like Feedfliks has a bit more customization with their “coming soon” list than instantwatcher does. The reminders and ability to sort by genre or user rating are quite nice!

  8. PhilFR says:

    My five year old will NOT be happy to learn that Bolt expires in 3 days!

    • frank64 says:

      Just explain to him the licensing agreements! I am sure he will understand (: The world was so much simpler when I was five.

  9. Lomic says:

    Be aware that it is not uncommon for titles to be “expiring”, only to be instantly renewed. Availability is determined by contract windows – so the current contract is only good until date X, but there’s also a new contract that takes effect on the same day.

    Unfortunately there’s no way to know this from the data that is available to sites like Feedfliks, so if you’re in the middle of watching a TV series, it’s probably still a good idea to try to finish it.

  10. diasdiem says:

    Those are both on my queue, and I will be watching them soon.

  11. TVGenius says:

    WHAT? I won’t be able to stream the Jonas Brothers Concert Experience after next weekend? I’m canceling!


  12. Ihaveasmartpuppy says:

    Mmmm, so much Murder She Wrote, so little time….

  13. HogwartsProfessor says:

    My honey has been watching LOST and this is apparently happening to him. He’s streaming like mad to avoid having to fuss with discs.

    He’s got me watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I love it, but I’m still on season 2 so they better not pull the rug out from under me!

    • One-Eyed Jack says:

      It was a happy day when I realized all 7 seasons of Buffy and all four of Lois & Clark were available for streaming. And now I’m completely consumed by Bones. Anyone know when the most recent MI-5 (Spooks) series will be available on either DVD or streaming?

      We manage our queue via the PC but watch via our Blu-Ray player, which doesn’t show expiration dates.

  14. UltimateOutsider says:

    We still need a site that will either show you your entire DVD queue and let you sort it based on which titles are also available for Instant, or that will show you only the Instant titles in your DVD queue. Neither Netflix nor any of the 3rd party sites do this. I’ve got 500 titles in my DVD queue, and about 1/3 of them are Instant capable, but it’s a real pain browsing through a completely unsortable list of 500 titles looking for something to watch.

    We use the “Instant Queue” for streaming to TiVo/Wii, and that’s all kids stuff.

  15. pot_roast says:

    This was one of my biggest gripes about Netflix streaming.. stuff just expiring off of your queue.

    I hate movie studios and their ridiculous licensing. Ugh.

  16. PdxPhoenix says:

    I’ve been using Feedfliks for a year or so & they’ve had the ability to list your instant view queue by expiry date for months & months… Great for going into Netflix & reordering the items so the first to expire is the no 1 in the list on the Roku.

    Would be great if Netflix would list the expiry date for all the things in the queue, & not just the ones that expire in a few days…

  17. tangobozo says:

    It looks like they are using Netflix’s built in RSS feeds to source their information. If you use Net News Wire or other feed sources, you can do the same quite easily. Netflix’s site has many different RSS feed options.

    Here is the approriate link:

    There are many others on Netflix to choos from: