Cocon Is A Sleeping Bag Chair

Cocon is a chair with a built-in sleeping bag. I have not tested it, but I’m personally intrigued by the concept. It looks extra cozy. This would be awesome for when you are lazing around and realize you would really like to have a blanket or a sleeping bag, but don’t want to have to get up and pull it out of the closet. Never fret, you’re already sitting in it! Zip up and snuggle down for a long-winter’s coma.

Cocon [Super-Ette via Get Outdoors]


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  1. Rocket says:

    This would be great in my living room, in front of my TV.

  2. Cat_In_A_Hat says:

    I want one! I’d never sleep in my bed again, it looks so cozy.

    • jesusofcool says:

      I’d buy one too. Save on heating bills! If you’re like me and you don’t put the heat on until absolutely necessary, it’d be great. I’m often really cold in my chair but I don’t like to crawl in bed too early to read or watch TV because I think I have a tougher time falling asleep.

  3. travel_nut says:

    YES. Put that in my living room with a minifridge next to it, and I would only have to get up like once a week…tops…

  4. Hi_Hello says:

    the only problem…bedbugs… there is not way you can throw that in a washer/dryer…is there?

  5. DWMILLER says:

    do the y make a love-seat?

  6. Me - now with more humidity says:

    It’s a chair! It’s a Snuggie! It’s two… two… two fads in one!

    • DarthCoven says:

      Chairs are a fad now? I wasn’t aware that a fad could last from ancient Egypt right up through the modern era…

  7. Cheap Sniveler: Sponsored by JustAnswer.comâ„¢ says:

    Perfect product for those that:

    A. have too much money
    B. are too damn lazy to get up and get a blanket.

    • Lollerface says:

      haters gonna hate

    • catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

      but a blanket isn’t any good when you need to put your drunk friend somewhere so they can sleep it off. with this you don’t have to worry about them falling off the furniture – they’re zipped in!

  8. ElizabethD says:

    Can’t tell from the pic. Is it like a recliner? Because that would interest me. If not, no. I never watch TV or read without having my feet up on something. :-)

    • HogwartsProfessor says:

      Me either. I have to lie down or I’m not comfortable. I’m spoiled by having a daybed as a couch. :)

  9. momtimestwo says:

    How do you wash it?

    • Cantras says:

      my guess is it is not permanently attached — that there are holes in the back that you put the legs through. inconvenient to take on and off, but certainly doable.

    • apd09 says:

      did you click on the link, it says so right there.

      – removable and washable cover
      – zip fastening

  10. apd09 says:

    I clicked the link but did not see a price for it, did I miss it somewhere?

  11. hotcocoa says:

    No one’s afraid of falling over if you move in your sleep? How sturdy is that thing??

  12. Nick says:

    Reminds me of the movie Prophecy when the mutant bear attacks the camp site and all you see is the boy’s yellow sleeping bag flying through the air and dashed to bits on a boulder. Sleep tight!

  13. veritybrown says:

    It’s like the Cthulhu of Snuggies. *runs screaming into the night*

  14. saerra says:

    “Cocon is a chair with a built-in sleeping bag. I have not tested it…”

    Misread that last bit as, “I have not NESTED in it…” ;-)

  15. GuidedByLemons says:

    Because you can’t put a regular sleeping bag on top of a chair?

  16. wednesdayaddams says:

    I see this being a new staple for people who wait days in line for tickets or say a new iphone. I think we will be seeing for of this.

  17. jimstoic says:

    Ah, to be 20-something again.

  18. JulesNoctambule says:

    I’m a little surprised that this isn’t an IKEA product.

  19. legolex says:

    I’m buying one to replace my office chair

  20. ghostberry says:

    Where is her other hand…..