Save Money By Changing Your Own Oil

I’ve never changed my own oil on a car and have no interest in learning how to do so. I’m terrified that I’d screw something up and ruin my engine. Yet it comforts me to know that some enterprising people — regular guys who don’t know everything about cars — can take it upon themselves to learn the fine art of oil changing and save themselves hundreds of dollars a year.

Edmunds checks in with a comprehensive-seeming how-to-change-your-oil guide that I can only assume works well, considering its authoritative source. I must admit that the story lost me somewhere around the first mention of “oil plug.” The very fact that there’s a plug down there terrifies me. For all I know, there are trolls and erector sets labyrinths laden with mouse traps down there. This is a link for those braver than I.

For those of you who do dare to change your own oil, what tips can you offer up to the less enlightened?

How To Change Your Oil (The Real Down And Dirty) [Edmunds]

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