Is This The Right Way To Alert The Neighbors Of Crime In Your Neighborhood?

A man in Huntington Beach, CA, says he was just trying to let his neighbors know about a spate of recent robberies when he placed a 3’x10′ banner reading “We have a thief in the neighborhood” on his house. But now he’s facing flack from some locals who say the sign only draws negative attention, especially if one is trying to sell one’s home.

“If you were looking for a home on this block, what would you think?” one not-so-pleased neighbor asked KTLA news.

The homeowner behind the sign said he was motivated after his car was broken into twice:

Typically what this neighborhood does if there’s a problem, they’ll make a note and they’ll make copies and put (them) in everybody’s mail box. I own a graphic company and I had the art department make me a banner.

He says he isn’t trying to cause a problem and he’d be willing to take the sign down if a neighbor asked him to because they were selling their house.

Do you think the sign would be an effective deterrent to crime? Should his neighbors be thanking him or scolding him for bringing attention to the burglaries?


Homeowner’s ‘Thief’ Sign Stirs Controversy []

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