NFL Cracks Down On Sports Bars For Showing Blacked Out Game

Some San Diegans who declined to witness the Chargers defile the poor, defenseless Arizona Cardinals in person flocked to sports bars that snagged illegal webcasts of the game. The NFL, never happy to see its blackout policy for non-sellouts violated, sent in the gumshoes to sniff out the offending bars and make them pay.

News 10 San Diego reports the league sent cease and desist letters to 90 San Diego bars before the game, threatening $150,000 copyright infringement fines for violators. The site reports some bars went ahead with their subversive plans anyway, tapping into an online feed to display the debacle on big screens.

In response, I submit this advice for NFL teams who can’t sell out games: Lower your ticket prices.

NFL Investigating Bars For Showing Game Despite Blackout [10 News San Diego]

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