Governator Legally Furloughed The Hell Out Of California State Workers, Court Says

Since Skynet and Rekall couldn’t thwart Arnold Schwarzenegger, California government employees probably knew they were in for a beatdown when they sued the governor. They contended he lacked authority to force them to take 46 unpaid days off between February 2009 and June 2010.

The Sacramento Bee reports the California Supreme Court ruled for the governor due to a technicality. Although the workers were correct in contending Schwarzenegger lacked unilateral authority to impose the furlough days, he landed implied approval from the state legislature, which plugged the $3 billion savings into its budgets.

So the rule is that since representatives believed Schwarzenegger had the power to do as he pleased, it gave him that authority. The moral is more A Nightmare on Elm Street than Running Man, but this is still proof that government life imitates Hollywood.

Supreme Court rules for Schwarzenegger in furlough matter [The Sacramento Bee via Yahoo]