Papa John's Deploys Anchovy Shrink Ray

Some people like to eat anchovies. Reader H., for example. While H. likes to eat anchovies, however, he’s deeply disappointed that Papa John’s charges enough for the little fishies to disappoint even Philip J. Fry.

H. writes:

Me and my friend were hungry for a pizza one day and decided to call Papa Johns. After seeing a $10 Large Pizza deal I wanted to add some sides. We added some garlic cups which were at the usual price of .59 which is still way to much. Then I wanted some anchovies (yes some people actually eat anchovies) so saw that it was $1.50.


Last time I ordered anchovies from Papa Johns it came in one of those tin cans where you peel back the top. This time it was different. If you look at the picture all I got was 3 pieces of anchovies in a plastic container. I knew the gulf oil leak made seafood prices go up a bit but I didnt know it made anchovies $.50 a piece! I think this is the biggest rip off I have ever seen.

Are there any other anchovy lovers out in Consumeristland who have experienced similar portion shrinkage? H. should complain to corporate as well as Consumerist, or at least demand a reason for the change.