USPS Out Of Regular Mail, Only Fancy Mail Left

Leesha says her local post office has gone upsell crazy. They wouldn’t let her mail a letter without sitting through an extended spiel about express and upgraded options. When she tried to fast-forward through the song and dance, the guy behind the counter snapped. Or, as the saying goes, “went postal.”

Leesha writes:

In the middle of his offer for express mail for some ungodly amount I told him “No thanks I just want regular mail.” He was slightly hostile and snapped “We dont have regular mail!” and started from the beginning again.

I scanned the screen and told him “fine I want flat rate service.” He became more hostile at this point raised his voice and told me, “I CAN’T DO THAT. I HAVE TO READ EVERY LINE AND YOU HAVE TO TELL ME YES OR NO.”

If the letter wasn’t for business, I wouldve turned around and left. But unfortunately the document couldn’t be faxed and I was forced to listen to the spiel of every item on the list before I was allowed to pay for flat rate service.

Next time, just buy your USPS postage online. You can print out the label on normal computer paper from your printer. Then you can just drop off the package or letter in a dropbox or zip into the post office and stuff it in one of their boxes without interacting with any goons who have had all discretion micromanaged out of them.

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