Papa John's Gives Me Free Pizza, Soda To Make Up For Closing Early

Mike’s late-night call to Papa John’s yielded no immediate cure for his munchies because the store had closed early. But due to a guilty employee and a screw-up the next day, the call yielded a bounty of free lunch.

He writes:

I just placed an order with my local Papa John’s in [redacted], NY. This particular store closes at 11 p.m. on weekdays and I knew I was getting in under the gun by placing an order at 10:30. Luckily my order went through and my late night hunger could be dealt with. Within less than 3 minutes of placing my order I received a call from an employee of the store apologizing for the bad news he was about to bring. I would not be receiving my meal because a manager had become sick which was forcing the store to close early. Additionally, he said that I should remain near my phone tomorrow so they could offer me a free meal for the inconvenience.

As a very hungry person at present time, I greatly appreciate not only that free meal but the quick response that let me make other plans instead. This location had previously made a delivery but forgot the receipt (to sign for the credit card purchase)…forcing the driver to return to the store to get it. He actually left the pizza behind, despite the transaction not being completed, and returned with a free 2 liter of Coke for the inconvenience. Sadly, I am moving to DC in a few weeks… I can only hope that my new local Papa John’s has the same kind of employees/management.

How has a restaurant’s overreaction to its own mistakes worked in your favor?

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