'Priest Choker,' 'Limping Susan' Are Foods, Not Sex Positions

It says something that many of the dishes on Woman’s Day’s roundup of 10 oddly-named foods are from England. Spotted dick — a pudding and fruit muffin dessert — made its acquaintance to many American children of the early 1990s when it was introduced in the movie King Ralph and has tormented their minds ever since.

Here are some of the other foods that made the list. Oddly, all sound like wild bedroom activities:

*Stinking Bishop — Cheese with a wet-sock odor that’s immersed in Stinking Bishop pears as it’s made.

*Priest Choker — According to the story, this cavatelli pasta dish got its name from the centuries-ago days when restaurant owners would let priests eat for free and they would secretly hope the men of the cloth would choke on the food.

*Limping Susan — It’s a Southern dish made with okra, rice and shrimp.

*Devils on Horseback — They’re chutney-stuffed dates or pruins wrapped in bacon but resemble cancerous polyps to me.

Check out the source link for the rest of the unappealing-sounding foods.

What’s the most bizarrely named food you’ve ever tried?

10 Funny Food Names [Woman’s Day]

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