Halo Glitch Forces Some Xboxers To Play With Themselves

The hardest of the hard-core Xbox 360 gamers bought redesigned Xbox 360 Slims and snagged Halo: Reach after it was released at midnight Tuesday morning ready to battle invading Covenant forces with friends. And some were severely disappointed because the newer Xbox 360s don’t allow gamers to play cooperatively through the campaign.

Nukezilla says the problem is limited to Xbox 360 Slims with 4 gigabytes of memory. The version with 250gb hard drives are unaffected.

Oddly, the lack of co-op play on the 4gb slims extends to all Halo games. Microsoft’s response implies the company is taking the issue seriously:

We are aware of the issue and are quickly working to resolve it.”

Got a New 4G Xbox Slim? You Can’t Play Halo: Reach Co-op Then [Nukezilla via Destructoid]


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  1. pop top says:

    I don’t think many people need to be forced to play with themselves.

  2. Darrone says:

    Should be called Halo: Going back to the well for more money.

    • UCLAri: Allergy Sufferer says:

      Actually, as someone who’s not a huge rabid fan of Halo, I gotta say that Reach is pretty solid. It’s the Mario Galaxy 2 of Halo: refined with nothing terribly new– but so refined that it’s pretty nice.

  3. syzygy says:

    Some of these guys love Halo so much, I’d be surprised if many weren’t already playing with themselves while playing with others.

  4. Raekwon says:

    Rumor has it thousands of Halo Reach discs are faulty as well and don’t let you play through the game.

    • pop top says:

      Any proof?

    • XxSuntoucherxX says:

      I had that problem with the HALO 3. The disc never made it past the beginning of the 2nd act, precisely. Game Stop, where I bought the game from, NEW mind you, refused to take it back. They swore that it was my console. (Which was and still is in great condition) This facilitated in 2 things.
      1. I no longer play/buy anything from the HALO series anymore.
      2. I realized that Game Stop is without a doubt the worst possible place to buy anything.

      • valthun says:

        and you didn’t contact Microsoft for warranty support? Generally if there is a problem with the disc and they can confirm the error then they will replace it under warranty.

      • UCLAri: Allergy Sufferer says:

        You won’t buy a game from a series because you got one bad disc?

        Will you stop buying XBoxes when your console RRODs?

    • jivesukka says:

      I don’t want to stereotype but someone with a character from a PS3 exclusive game as an avatar bringing up a big Xbox 360 rumor seems a bit biased to me.

  5. UCLAri: Allergy Sufferer says:

    Oh noes! I might have to wait a little longer to be called all sorts of variations of f-g by teenage boys?

    How will I ever go on?

    (Still going through single player)

    • HazyCloud says:

      Reach has an auto-mute feature. When playing online, please help out the community by muting those kiddos.


    • pop top says:

      Bungie has come up with a much better multiplayer match up system w/r/t Reach. You can sort games by the type of people you like to play with (for instance, people who don’t use the mic often, or at all). What’s also really nice is that there is a separate multiplayer for the hardcore people who used to ruin all the matches by being way better than everyone else. It’s a ranked system that they have to log a certain number of hours in per day/week (can’t remember which), so it’ll keep them out of regular matches so “normal” players can have fun playing the game.

    • grucifer says:

      Thinking about grabbing the game today, and will probably stay in Party chat with RL buddy’s to avoid this. That is, if they allow it (like MW2 won’t let you stay in Party chat for ranked team games), but a guy can dream!

      I like the idea of this global mute though… so you’re saying if enough people mute someone they will lose voice chat privilege? Pretty solid idea.

  6. ThunderRoad says:

    “Thank you for buying this $60 game. Please enjoy it not working. Love MSFT.”

  7. eightfifteen says:

    Better not let Christine O’Donnell hear about this.

  8. Razor512 says:

    Microsoft should have done internal testing and noticed this problem, they just want lower cost versions of a system to have more problems for the user.

    It is like when you have a lower cost mp3 player or ppc from a company that also sells a more expensive model, the cheaper model, although both can use the same firmware, the company feels a need to add nearly a month delay to the fixing of a problem for a lower cost model.

    Microsoft has basically been given the right to screw customers over and take advantage of them. By performing many experiments such as failing consoles and refusing to fix many of them, to ripping people off through xbox live, they have reached the apple status of being able to screw customers over and not lose customers. They will take this into account when trying to find new ways of making more money.

    • pop top says:

      Yeah, it’s terrible that they don’t let you send in your broken console and give you a new one, free of charge. Oh wait…

      • Razor512 says:

        I have done game beta testing before. and often the compatibility testing happens in the alpha stages when the game barely any levels. For a game like this, the testing may have happened before 3rd party companies had access to the console. Microsoft has a lot of control over the halo. Microsoft could have tested this game with their new consoles long before it came out on the market.

        If you are interested in betatesting some games, try beta sites like https://www.onlinebeta.com

        you will see that after testing an alpha version, a few months later you may be asked to test a beta then a few months later the item will hit the stores (lacking many of fixes requested in beta but later applied in patches.

        With a company that works so closely with microsoft, they should be able to test their game on their latest consoles.

    • Deezul_AwT says:

      Why should Microsoft, as simply the PUBLISHER of the game, do the game testing? Is that the responsibility of the DEVELOPER? Blame Bungie, not Microsoft.

  9. jefeloco says:

    This is the same problem that occurred with Halo 3 and ODST; you needed a hard drive to play online co-op. While this is a bummer for those who didn’t know, it is terrible but not shocking that MS didn’t put the requirement on the box for Reach.

    A note on the side, I have yet to see anything on the game itself claim “Halo: Reach” as Bungie just calls the game “Reach”. This is similar to Activision forcing IW to label “Modern Warfare 2” as “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2”. I know that is off topic but Reach has nothing to do with a “halo” other than being set in the same “world” as another story involving several of those planetary rings of death.

  10. Deezul_AwT says:

    When the original 360 was released in November 2005, they stated that some games WOULD REQUIRE A HARD DRIVES. Five years ago MS made this annoucement.

    And yes, it IS on the back of the Halo: Reach box, that a hard drive is required for some features. Who’s to blame? How about consumers who are too lazy to read requirements.

    Should I complain when Civ 5 won’t run on my 386 I bought 20 years ago? It’s a computer, and CIv 5 is a computer game. Ergo, it should work. Not my fault I didn’t read the requirements. Why is this Microsoft’s fault? If anything, it should be the DEVELOPER’S fault, i.e. Bungie. But heaven forbid someone says Bungie does something wrong…

    • grucifer says:

      But that was during a time where the “Arcade” or Core edition came with, what.. 350MB of storage? It was simply a warning that some games would require a far larger storage device than what came with the core system.

      • Deezul_AwT says:

        The original Arcade had no storage. It was only when NXE came out that 256MB of storage was added to the Arcade. But the point remains – MS said a HARD DRIVE would be required. That 4GB of storage on the 360 S Arcade bundle is NOT a hard drive. It won’t work with a 32GB USB drive either.

    • Pax says:

      You are not quite correct.

      Originally, the policy was that NO games wuld require the hard drive (although downloadable content, and XBLA games, obviously needed SOME sort of storage media to be attached).

      That changed around August of 2007, when Microsoft decided to allow some games (they only named MMOs, but apparently, any game can do so) to require the use of the Hard Drive for any/all game features.

  11. zantafio says:

    I play with myself all the time, and I don’t even have a Xbox, so what’s the big deal?

  12. morgasco says:

    So the issue is the size of the limited hard drive that comes with the Slim version, doesn’t the Slim have a USB port? I understand that you don’t have to use MSFT Xbox hard drives now and can store game data on any external HD. Is this not the case?

  13. Traveshamockery says:

    Headline win.

  14. RayanneGraff says:

    I’m pretty sure most gamers ALREADY play with themselves.

  15. Pax says:

    It’s not a glitch.

    It’s a change in Microsoft policy: games are now allowed to require the use of the Hard Disk Drive, to enable one or more gameplay features. In this case, Halo Reach rquires the HDD for online Co-Op Campaign play.

  16. dark_inchworm says:

    “the newer Xbox 360s don’t allow gamers to play cooperatively through the campaign.”

    That’s very cute how you don’t elaborate on this misleading, inflammatory statement until after the jump. How hard was it to say that Xbox 360s without hard drives were the victims, not “the newer Xbox 360s”?

  17. TheGreySpectre says:

    I have heard the problems extends not just to 4gig cards, but even to the 16gig ones (which should have more then enough room as they are almost the same size as the default 20gig drive)

    • Pax says:

      The problem is, the game looks for a hard drive, not “enough memory”. It could have nine billion terabytes available on flash memory … and if it doesn’t show up as a hard drive, the game won’t use it.

  18. banmojo says:

    Love the title, btw. Masturbation jokes, always take the upper hand!! *snort giggle*

  19. badaboomxx says:

    Well, just to let the anti microsoft fanboys, the problem with the game wasn’t the disc or the memory, let me explain 2 things here. FIRST when you use a usb in the xbox360 you need to format it with the 360, but the system files from the 360 needs almost 500MB, so if you use a 2GB usb, your real space is almost 1.4gb, SECOND the game needs a mandatory install of the game in the HDD/USB little above 4GB in order to play coop, so lets make some math here, the regular 4GB usb drive got 3.8GB (correct me if I’m wrong), and if you subtract the 500MB is even less, so you don’t have any way to install the 4+GB into a 3.2GB (more or less).

  20. badaboomxx says:

    Just 2 things to get this right, and I mean you anti microsoft/halo fanboys. FIRST of all, as you know you can use USB with the x360, but when you format one you loose almost 500MB from system files, so when you used a 2GB USB only 1.4GB are available. SECOND the halo reach need a mandatory +4GB install in order to play coop, just put the math at work. When you get the x360 with a a 4GB USB thumb drive, you can only use 3.4GB not the +4GB you need to install the game.