Halo Glitch Forces Some Xboxers To Play With Themselves

The hardest of the hard-core Xbox 360 gamers bought redesigned Xbox 360 Slims and snagged Halo: Reach after it was released at midnight Tuesday morning ready to battle invading Covenant forces with friends. And some were severely disappointed because the newer Xbox 360s don’t allow gamers to play cooperatively through the campaign.

Nukezilla says the problem is limited to Xbox 360 Slims with 4 gigabytes of memory. The version with 250gb hard drives are unaffected.

Oddly, the lack of co-op play on the 4gb slims extends to all Halo games. Microsoft’s response implies the company is taking the issue seriously:

We are aware of the issue and are quickly working to resolve it.”

Got a New 4G Xbox Slim? You Can’t Play Halo: Reach Co-op Then [Nukezilla via Destructoid]