Walmart Cancels $15 Iron Man 2 Pre-Orders Because They're Out Of Stock, But Has Plenty Of $25 Copies Available

We’ve received a slew of e-mails from irate readers who had placed pre-orders on for the Blu-ray/Standard DVD combo pack of Iron Man 2 for $15. Yesterday, they received e-mails from Walmart telling them their orders were canceled “due to limited availability.” And yet, still lists the product as being available; you just have to pay $10 more if you want to buy it.

Perhaps it was a pricing error on Walmart’s part. If so, then they should have just admitted it and said “sorry, we can’t actually sell the DVD at that price.”

Perhaps Walmart didn’t expect that so many people would pre-order this item. If that’s the case, then they should suck it up and honor the price.

Below is a screengrab of the original price on Does anyone see anything on this that would indicate that the price is for a limited time or only available for a limited number of customers?


Walmart’s “Pre-Order Price Promise” [PDF] promises that if the price drops before the item releases, then you’ll get the lower price. Doesn’t say anything about what happens if the price goes up.

As always, we suggest you vote with your checkbook and take your business elsewhere.

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