The George Lucas Death Star Tries To Obliterate My Startup

Matt says George Lucas’ lawyers are sending Storm Troopers after him for using the word “droid” in the title of his startup, Addroid. He has precious few days to coordinate his Rebel Alliance defense and sent out a hologram (OK, an email) saying “Help me, Consumerists. You’re my only hope!”

The name of my startup is Addroid. It’s an HTML5 ad serving platform. When trying to come up with a name I thought it should have the word “ad” in it. Also, it’s digital advertising so I thought: computers, robots, androids…wait – Addroid. That’s kinda cool.

This week the law firm representing George Lucas informed me that Addroid will lead to customer confusion. I get that George Lucas owns the word “droid” up and down. But I feel Addroid is simply a made up word. I really thought if I made up a word I’d be cool. The name of the company isn’t Ad Droid (two words). I don’t believe that anyone interested in my B2B ad platform would for a second think that C3P0 and R2D2 are going to come popping out of the browser.

I have a decent amount of money already invested in the domain and branding. I have 10 days to reply. I don’t really know what to do.

No one wants to see Matt get lifted up off the ground and choked to death by an invisible Force power, so please share your advice and spread word of his tale. Does anybody know Han Solo’s AIM handle?

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