Master Criminal Steals $11,000 From Walmart Over The Phone

Time was, a burglar needed a gun or a knife to hold up a store. But kids today, they got all sorts of new-fangled ways of pulling heists, like the Walmart in Ohio that is now short over $11,000 because of a phone call.

According to police in Columbus, OH, someone called up a local Walmart around 1 a.m. on Sunday morning and “tricked a clerk” into activating money cards over the phone and giving the suspect the activation numbers.

When all was said and done, the criminal had helped themselves to $11,054.60 in money cards.

While we certainly don’t condone retail crime, this is certainly a more inventive use of the phone than the Wendy’s robber who later called the restaurant — twice — to complain about the pittance he stole from the till.

Suspect Steals $11K With Phone Call To Walmart []

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