Man Gets Time Warner Bill Lowered More Than He Even Thought He Could

Nathan was paying $48.99 for Time Warner Cable internet and saw they were advertising the same service at $43.99. It wasn’t very hard to find, they put it right on his bill! When he called up to ask to get the same rate, they told him he could only get it if he bundled it with cable TV. So he hung up and called back again, using a different Time Warner Cable number.

This time Nathan got a guy who said that he wouldn’t be giving Nathan the $43.99 promotional price either, instead, he was going to give him it at $39.99! No bundling required. Sweet success.

“If you notice you are paying more than you should be for internet or cable, don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself,” writes Nathan. “You could save money just by making a phone call.”


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  1. FacebookAppMaker says:

    Sweet success!

  2. Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

    Yes, people. It’s really that easy.

    • Krang Krabowski says:

      Sort of. Chances are nathan here is a good long standing customer and a company offering to lower the bill based on that is not uncommon. what isn’t something you “deserve” is to call in as soon as the 39.99 rolls to reg rate, call in again and demand it back because you “deserve it” Working in that industry i get why this would be offered but don’t expect the same result if you just rolled off a promotional rate.

  3. PanCake BuTT says:

    i h8 you TWC, higher prices, lower speeds & you’re TV packages are mega weak. Please stop bundling these 3 services together with half decent rates. Who even has a need for a home phone, if they did, why not have MagicJack or Skype…way cheaper than what TWC offers. Soooo stoooopid !

  4. Mackinstyle1 says:

    Reps love giving the cheapest they’re authorized to give. It makes them happy, it makes you happy, and they’re allowed to do it.

    • sonneillon says:

      It helps whatever stupid speed metric that is used because the calls are less than 30 seconds.

      • RetentionAgent says:

        We’re actually allowed 10 minutes (600 seconds) per call.. less than that is awesome, but if we are over.. yeah, doesnt look good. Our wrap time for your account is 30 seconds though, which is ridiculous..hopefully people leave comprehensive notes..

  5. Floppywesl says:

    If you put the time in you get results, I went into ” haggle mode ” one day and saved 200$ / year off my car insurance 70$/month on my cable tv + internet , got a new phone from Tmobile with a super discounted minutes/data plan, a few phone calls and 2hrs total talk time saved a me a ton.

  6. purebyu says:

    Grat’s on getting one over on the cable co. Now figure how to break a cable company’s (Communicom) monopoly on a small city.

  7. smo0 says:

    That 39.99 will go away in a few months – just keep an eye on it!

    • The hand that feeds, now with more bacon says:

      And when it does call and tell them you want to cancel if you can’t have that rate. I paid $34.99 for a year or so and now I’m paying $39.99/month for the same service. I’ve known people who stay on the “retention” rates for years.

  8. jshier says:

    I can’t say I’ve ever had success doing this. I’ve even offered to bundle voluntarily and they wouldn’t give me anything (AT&T). Right now I pay ~$210 for my iPhone + Uverse (U250 TV and 24Mb internet). I’d like to bring that down, especially as I don’t watch that much TV or talk on the phone that much.

  9. WHC999 says:

    This is so true. 99% of folks are sheep waiting to be told how much to pay whatever they are told to pay. If you never ask the answer is always “No.” (Thanks Granny for that pearl of wisdom)

    • RetentionAgent says:

      True, it never hurts to just call in every so often and ask..A lot of us are willing to help as much as we can.

  10. chucklesjh says:

    I called them yesterday telling them I was considering getting just internet service. When he asked if I wanted to go ahead and set up a service visit for installation, I said “ehhh, I don’t know, I might have to wait.” He immediately told me that I could have 8Mbps service for $29.95 a month with free installation. Needless to say, I have an appointment at the end of the week.

    • RetentionAgent says:

      Keep an eye on your 29.99 price. Typically that price is reserved for someone that also has another service, such as basic cable. Every so often accounts are reviewed and the price can go back up to the typical 44.99 (or rather, 48.99 for standalone RR Std. service)

  11. MissMostlyMittens says:

    It depends on what deals are available at the time, the Market this customer is in and the Rep. When I worked for TW they would release different campaigns every month (although lots of promotions repeat). Also I knew reps who transfered from other TW Markets like Texas and NY and really each Market is like it’s own company with a very similar business model (and because of the people on the very top) mostly the same types of management. Lastly it depends on the rep, he may have gotten a different answer at the reps expense. If the customer isn’t eligible for the promo but the rep adds the promo codes any way, the rep will get an accuracy error that will count against his performance.

    For me, it was always a matter of weighing how many people I could help during any given performance period. It was a really crappy situation to be in. It really does make you happy to be able to go above and beyond but it’s depressing when the aholes who delight in denying the customers get a $300 + extra bonus monthly I didn’t get because I cared. Oh well, great reminder why I don’t work there anymore :)

  12. jjonathany says:

    Yes, their different reps will tell you totally different things many times, so don’t give up after talking to one person. You can also ask for the Retention Department when dealing with Time Warner, if you’re not getting what you want (and what you want is not unreasonable, of course). It has worked for me.

  13. billybob9280 says:

    Did the same thing, but only got the new subscriber rate. Still better than nothing!

  14. RetentionAgent says:

    I actually work for TWC in the retention department….MackinStyle actually had it right, a lot of us do enjoy helping out the customers as best we can, although there are some here that are just…. grumpy..

    I work for the Texas area accounts..everything except Austin…

  15. ichiban1081 says:

    Let’s revisit this story after 2-3 months when TWC says it was a mistake

  16. brinks says:

    I called and tried to get my local cable company to negotiate when I lost my job. The rep was very cool about it and helped me figure out what I could live without in order to lower my bill. He also offered me an extra $10 off for 6 months. The best part is that it’s itemized on the bill as “$5 off for 6 months – promotional price” but I’m somehow getting $10.

    Never hurts to ask.

  17. sporkyspoony88 says:

    i had time warner cable as well for my apartment for the last year. i was paying $39.99 a month and they recently bumped my rate to $48.99. seeing that they were advertising in my area for $29.99, i gave them a call to see if anything could be done. after a few calls and a few denials from employees, they actually gave me the promotional rate of $29.99. needless to say i’m still a happy customer.

    • RetentionAgent says:

      Yeah, RR Std. with no video service runs 48.99 a month, but we do have the ability to get that down to 29.99 a month

  18. ellemdee says:

    I had a similar experience with WOW. I told them Comcast offered me the same service for $12 cheaper. Their reply: “Well, we don’t have a $12 discount, so we’ll have to give you a $15 discount”. Well, if you insist…

    …however WOW’s customer service has been declining the last year or so. I tried to change my plan last year and was told that I could never switch to any plan other than the one I signed up with (when I tried to switch to a cheaper plan & there were no contract in play). She even insisted that her “manager” backed her up on that when I asked to speak with a supervisor. I’ve had similar experiences the last 3 times I’ve called them, so I hope their CS isn’t going the way of Comcast. I’ve been so happy with WOW until that point…