Man Gets Time Warner Bill Lowered More Than He Even Thought He Could

Nathan was paying $48.99 for Time Warner Cable internet and saw they were advertising the same service at $43.99. It wasn’t very hard to find, they put it right on his bill! When he called up to ask to get the same rate, they told him he could only get it if he bundled it with cable TV. So he hung up and called back again, using a different Time Warner Cable number.

This time Nathan got a guy who said that he wouldn’t be giving Nathan the $43.99 promotional price either, instead, he was going to give him it at $39.99! No bundling required. Sweet success.

“If you notice you are paying more than you should be for internet or cable, don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself,” writes Nathan. “You could save money just by making a phone call.”

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