The Continent's Most Notorious Speed Traps

Some cities have garnered a reputation for employing guerrilla methods to snag speeding motorists. Speed traps help keep drivers honest. But more importantly for the municipalities, they keep the money flowing.

Tapping the National Speedtrap Exchange, a place where speedsters share speed trap locations to their vigilant brethren, the National Motorists Association goes state by state and province by province, listing the worst speed traps in North American cities over and under 100,000 population.

The NMA apparently does not consider Mexico part of North America.

My hometown of Tucson made the list, as did Consumerist central, New York City. Click the source link to see if your burg shared the dubious distinction.

The Worst Speed Trap Cities In North America [National Motorists Association]
(Thanks, Becky!)

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