Dollar Charges Us Twice For Car Rental — How Do We Get Our Money Back?

Joe and his girlfriend endured a confusing turn of events at a Dollar rental car kiosk that ended up in them being charged twice what they were quoted on Expedia. Stuck in a corner without other realistic options, they paid the inflated price and are now looking for a way to get their money back.

Joe writes:

My girlfriend and I are on vacation. We had made rental car arrangements through Expedia for Dollar rent a car at the Minneapolis airport.

The reservation was for a compact car for 4 days. When she got to the counter they had her reservation, but [redcated] (the guy working the counter) offered her many things that she said no to (like an upgrade). I arrived in the middle of this and standing next to her between his soft voice (she asked for him to repeat himself several times) and the noise from the line of people behind us he was hard to understand. She said no to the upgrade from compact to full size,as well as several other options. He then had her press accept on the terminal keypad several times to complete the transaction. Through all this he was (I believe) trying to explain what all the small print was in reference to but I could not hear or understand him either.

When we got to our hotel and looked over the bill (much higher than the reservation was for) we attempted to call but were transferred to India, and then to other offices who could not assist us. Finally we got a number for the Minneapolis dollar location, but they were closed.

It seems as she pressed accept on the keypad, they are now telling us we have no options for recourse (not even exchanging the car for a compact).

This is the first time we have rented through dollar and will be the last if we can not get this resolved, as price is twice what the reservation was for.

Can any consumerist readers offer any assistance?

OK, Consumerists, shower Joe with your money-retrieving advice. And kids, if you’re not happy with the price you have to pay for a service, do everything you can to hold back payment until you’re satisfied, because otherwise your negotiation options will be limited.

UPDATE: Joe says Dollar assured him he’ll be getting the quoted price for the rental.

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