Paste Is God's Magazine Now

When my dog, Goose, died last year, my then-2-year-old son rationalized “Goose is God’s dog now.” It seemed as positive a rationalization as possible to put on an untimely passing. So now I have to believe that, when headed to the crapper, God must be taking a rolled-up copy the beloved-but-obviously-not-beloved-enough-to-be-kept-alive Paste magazine with him. That’s presuming Paste went to periodical heaven and not where George magazine ended up.

Gawker discovered the closure on Twitter, where the deaths of all famous people and things are revealed to procrastinating desk jockeys. The music/pop culture-focused rag started in 2002 and generated a 200,000 circulation before announcing yesterday that it’s laid off nine staffers, ceased producing the print edition and will now be online-only.

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