Have Travelers Lost Their Manners?

One need look no further than the public reaction to slide-jumping JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater to see just how many people sympathize with his reaction to a customer who allegedly cursed him out and hit him with a carry-on. So it brings up the question — have we forgotten how to behave in a civilized manner when it comes to traveling?

Travel journalist Chris Elliott recently polled his readers and found that around 70% of them believe that travelers now behave worse than they had previously. Only around 2% said that travelers’ behavior had actually improved.

To back up his poll, Elliott points out five ways in which travelers have let their manners slip in recent years. Basically it comes down to:
*Travelers treat their destinations with a sense of “I’m on vacation so I can do what I want” entitlement;
*They either smell bad or like a walking perfume/cologne sample;
*They dress like a depressed George Costanza when they travel;
*They’re ill-prepared and ill-informed and “act as if they’re still at home”;
*They let their offspring run wild like the world is their playground.

Do you agree with his conclusions? And what role, if any, has the travel industry — specifically the airline industry — played in allowing our behavior to sink to such levels?

Oh no, you didn’t! 5 ways travelers have lost their manners [Chicago Tribune]

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