Ryanair Kicks Kid Off Flight For Not Buying Extra Seat For Her Violin

Extreme discount airline Ryanair kicked a 12-year old girl and her dad off a flight because they didn’t buy an extra ticket for her violin.

When they called the airline, Ryanair said they could put it in overhead no problem. But when they arrived at the gate, staff demanded she buy a seat for her instrument. Not only would the new last-minute ticket would have cost more than twice their tickets, when the father finally reluctantly agreed, he was told boarding was closed. The two were forced to fly home via EasyJet, which had no problem with the violin as hand luggage.

Ryanair’s rule is that anything over 55cm x 40cm x 20cm (roughly 21 x 15 7 inches) needs its own seat if it doesn’t go in cargo. And the rules are the rules, even if they don’t know them themselves.

Schoolgirl and father barred from Ryanair flight because they hadn’t bought extra seat for her VIOLIN [Mail Online] (Thanks to Simon!)

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