JetBlue CEO: Slide-Jumping Flight Attendant 'Not A Hero In My Book'

Three weeks after JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater earned his 15 minutes of fame by freaking out and taking an unscheduled trip down the jet’s emergency exit slide, the airline’s CEO Dave Barger is finally speaking out on the incident. Let’s just say he won’t be watching Slater’s reality show.

When Slater became an instant media sensation in the hours following the incident, Barger tells TheStreet he was “disheartened to think that so many people would call him a hero.”

Barger adds that the suspended attendant “is not a hero in my book,” and that deploying the chute was “an egregious act when you think about values.”

Slater’s actions cost the airline time and money while the plane had to be taken out of service to repack the slide. It also caused delays to other flights, including Barger’s own flight from Syracuse to NYC.

JetBlue CEO: Slater’s Act ‘Egregious’ []

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