Dish Charges Fee To Cancel Free Channel I Wouldn't Have Ordered

A Dish Network rep convinced Tripp to add Cinemax for a penny on a trial period. When the trial ran out, Tripp canceled and said the company stuck him with a cancellation fee it never told him about.

He writes:

About 10 months ago, we signed up for Dish Network. They threw in Cinemax for a year for $0.01 if we agreed to charge our monthly fees to a credit card. So earlier this evening my wife calls to cancel it before the monthly fee kicks in. Lo and behold, there was a fee for canceling this service! Our CSR waived it as a ‘one-time courtesy.’

Yeah, thanks. No mention of any ‘cancellation fee’ in any of the stuff we printed when we signed up. Of course, we’ve used our ‘one-time courtesy’ waiver now. Slick work, Dish.

For all the griping people do about lawyers and class-actions, this would be a lot more common without them. I hope Dish gets served soon.

If you are or have been a Dish subscriber, did you have to pay to cancel channels when the trial period expired? If you were able to wriggle your way out, Tripp would appreciate your advice.