NYC Slumlords Outed By Public Advocate's Worst Landlord List

Not many renters in New York City are in love with their landlords, but only a handful of the city’s landlords deserved to be called out in public for repeated violations and ignored complaints from tenants. Starting this morning, the city’s Public Advocate has decided it’s time that the worst offenders be forced into the spotlight with a public, searchable database.

“Too many of our city’s tenants find themselves living in deteriorating and unsafe apartments,” reads a statement on the NYC’s Worst Landlords Watchlist. “Landlords are required by law to fix violations to the housing code, but in some cases, an irresponsible property owner will allow problems to persist for years before attending to them.”

For example, one of the worst landlords on the list owns two properties in The Bronx and has been cited for a grand total of 1,676 violations. This includes 298 Class C (immediate hazard) violations.

“We want these landlords to feel like they’re being watched,” Public Advocate Bill de Blasio explained. “We need to shine a light on these folks to shame them into action.”

In addition to allowing users to search and track offending landlords, the site also allows tenants to file complaints.

Go ahead and check out the Worst Landlord Watchlist here. [via NY Daily News]

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