Would You Rather Be Richer, Thinner, Smarter Or Younger?

Imagine if you will that you are standing before four doorways, each of which could magically improve one facet of your life — wealth, waistline, IQ, youth. You can only go through one doorway; which one do you choose?

That was the question at the heart of a recent AdWeek/Harris Poll that found — perhaps not surprisingly — that the highest percentage (43%) of Americans would choose to be richer over the other options if given the opportunity.

That percentage was more than double the number for the second-place result, thinner. Only 21% of respondents opted to trim their girth. Brains came in a distant third, with 14% choosing to be smarter. That choice edged out younger’s 12%. Bringing up the rear were the remainder of respondents who said they would rather not change any of these.

Of course, we decided to ask Consumerist readers the same question just to see if we get the same result. So please, take a second to vote in the poll and then opine away in the comments.

Richer vs. Thinner vs. Younger vs. Smarter [AdWeek]

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