Hertz Alienates Longtime Customer With $10 Convenience Fee For 75 Cent Toll

It’s pretty convenient to not have to pay tolls when you’re renting a car. Bruce tells Consumerist that he rented a car from Hertz that was enrolled in PlatePass, a service that scans a rental car’s license plate and automatically charges the toll to the renter’s credit card–along with a $10 fee. This fee is probably more convenient and less infuriating if you rack up more than 75 cents in tolls during the course of your rental.

Bruce sent this letter off to the CEO of Hertz, but hasn’t received a response yet.

Mark P. Frissora
Chairman and CEO
Hertz Corp
225 Brae Blvd
Park Ridge, NJ 07656-0713

Dear Mr. Frissora:

For a $10 charge, you’ve alienated a 20-year Gold Card member. I rented out of Dulles Airport on July 28th, pulled up to a toll booth to pay my $0.75 cent toll, and got waved through by the attendant who told me I had an “EZ pass”. Only after that did I realize that I would be charged $10 for the “convenience” of not having to pay my toll in cash.

Sure enough, I now have a charge for $10.75 on my charge card from “WWWPlatePass.com.”

I’m sure there’s a clause in the fine print of the rental contract so the entire transaction is legal, and I probably should have read the entire contract before jumping in the car and pulling out of the airport with my family in tow. Rest assured, I’m not going to bother fighting the charge – I can afford the $10 and it’s not worth my time. I will, however, harbor bad feelings towards Hertz for a long time.

The rest of us can use Bruce’s story as a cautionary tale: a toll attendant’s assurance that you have EZ-Pass may not be what it seems on the surface. A $10 surcharge on a week’s worth of tolls may be a bargain if you’re pressed for time and cash while renting a car. Or not. Either way, be sure you know what you’re getting into.


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  1. myCatCracksMeUp says:

    I’d be very irritated if this happened to me. And the thing is, I think even if he’d known about the fee, and tried to pay the attendant, I doubt if there is anyway for the attendant to do anything about the EZpass already being recognized and charged. So, even if he knew to pay the toll to avoid the $10, I bet he would’ve been hit with it anyway.

    Plus – there is no reason for there to be a fee for this convenience. Virginia does not charge any additional fees in order to use the EZpass, and the money on each one stays good forever. Except for the case of lost transponders, there is no real cost to Hertz.

    And regardless, this should be well publicized to customers and there should be some way to opt out.

    This is very scammy on the part of Hertz.

    • sleze69 says:

      Hertz outsources the fees to PlatePass and it is indeed a pain in the ass. The first (and subsequently LAST) time I used it, it took a month for the fee to appear on my credit card. That is a big deal when you job asks you for receipts for reimbursement. Also, there was no disclosure of the fee until I saw the bill.

      Hertz is generally among the best in the rental car world but this is indeed a scam.

      AVOID PLATE PASS! If you are renting a car and really don’t want to deal with tolls, bring your own EZ Pass from home.

      • bonzombiekitty says:

        While you could bring your own EZPass, EZPass might ding you for doing so. You’re only supposed to use the pass with the cars registered to it. If they catch you using it on a different car, they can fine you. They did it to my sister in law when she was using her mom’s ezpass in her car. I just don’t remember if they fined her for doing it, or if they just sent a threatening letter saying that if she did it again they’d fine her or cancel the account.

    • rbb says:

      It used to be true with Virginia that they did not charge you anything for the EZ-Pass transponder as long as you signed up for auto-pay with a credit card. Now, they charge you a deposit to get the transponder.

      So, there is a cost to Hertz – the lost opportunity costs of not having the money that was put down on deposit…

      • SalParadise says:

        Hertz is recouping the cost of the deposit every time it rents out the car. I suspect they could easily cover their costs with a $1 fee per rental until the deposit is paid off, at which point there would be no reason to charge anyone a fee.

        It’s just another way to nickel and dime us consumers.

        Oh, did I say “nickel and dime”? I meant to say “fin and sawbuck” :)

    • mischlep says:

      This is not uncommon for rental car agreements. I know from experience that when in the Toronto area, if you go on the 407 ETR (Express Toll Road), you would be charged for the trip and a service fee.

      Of course, there was a placard on the dashboard of the car that said that, so maybe it was just more obvious.

      • Jay911 says:

        I rented from the Dollar Thrifty in Union Station a couple of years ago. Besides not getting the vehicle I wanted (“oh, we just rented the last $foo a few minutes ago.. you have a reservation? too bad.”), I did fully expect to get charged after the fact for travel on the 407. What I didn’t expect was that when they sent me the invoice for the toll, as proof that I’d traveled on the 407, they sent along a photocopy of their entire 407ETR billing statement – 3 pages – for the week I was in town. So I had 3 pages of details on where every rental car in that location’s fleet had gotten on and off the 407 all week. Granted, I have no way of associating car/license number to whoever rented it, but still, I’m not sure that’s a wise way of doing business.

      • Difdi says:

        The difference is, many times the only way out of the airport you rented the car at is a toll road. You sometimes can’t avoid the toll by taking a different route.

      • Fafaflunkie Plays His World's Smallest Violin For You says:

        If that were the case, the rental company should have got a transponder as well for that car. Thereby not having to pay the extra “we had to take a picture of your license plate” fee for driving on the Express Toll Ripoff (aka the 407.) Unfortunately, those on a business trip or tourists who have no clue as to what literally is the definition of highway robbery by driving on the 407, will truly get screwed in the end by whatever rental company they grabbed the car from.

    • nybiker says:

      You want to know what’s scammy? The wonderful folks at PATH (Port Authority Trans Hudson) charge ezpass holders a $1 per month account fee. The MTA also did so back in 2005 for about a year, but stopped after we all raised holy hell about it. They’ve got our money in the account, what more do they want? Yeah, I know. They are greedy (and so is the mta).

  2. cottercutie says:

    Wow. I currently have a Hertz rental and we used it with the EZ Pass, at no time was the $10 fee disclosed. We even asked if there were any fees associated with using it since if there were we would have just used our personal EZ Pass.

    I just looked over my entire rental agreement and don’t see that there is this surcharge listed anywhere. It wasn’t disclosed on the actual metal box in the car either.

  3. EllenRose says:

    Was this $10 for the whole trip — or $10 each time a toll was charged? $10.75 works for both of those scenarios.

    • gaya2081 says:

      Its a single $10 fee. And there is usually a metal box you can slid the transponder into to not use it. However, there is def no advertisement about the fee.

      • anewmachine615 says:

        Not quite. It’s basically $2 per day up to $10 per week. So if you use it on Day 1 of the rental, and then don’t use it Days 2 – 7, you get charged $10. This resets every 7 days, so if you had the car 2 weeks but only used PlatePass on day 1, the fee is $10, not $20. Really, really stupid.

  4. MrEvil says:

    Makes me wish that Texas didn’t use those fucking RFID stickers for tolls. Oklahoma has a little transponder that is more portable. I rent a car and need to use OK toll roads I can just take my transponder with me and not have to worry about updating licence plate info. Which is something else TXTag won’t let you do. Add a vehicle temporarily to your account.

  5. JMILLER says:

    Hertz offers this service for $2.50 per rental day, plus incurred tolls at the cash toll rates, if PlatePass® is used at any time during the rental period. The maximum service fee (excluding tolls) is $10.00 per rental month. If a Hertz or Advantage rental car is rented for a multiple month period, the PlatePass® fees will only apply for the months that the PlatePass® service was actually used. For example, if a car is rented for a two-month period, and PlatePass® was only used during the first month, the fees will not apply to the second month.

    Basically saying if you didn’t use it, there would be no charge.

    • myCatCracksMeUp says:

      But it’s apparently not listed as a possible fee, before renting the car.

      From what another poster said, some of their cars have a metal box you can put the transponder in so that it doesn’t get used when you go through a toll.

      Here in the DC area, even if you go through the Cash line, if you have the EZpass, it gets charged.

      Everytime a person picks up a rental car with this “convenience”, they should be told about it, and told how to avoid using it (put in metal box, remove from car, whatever is the case) in order to avoid the fee, if that’s what the customer wants.

      • anewmachine615 says:

        The worst part is that there is no indication to the counter staff (who, at most large locations, never actually see the car) that there is a PlatePass transponder in the vehicle. So there’s no way to actually know. At least when I worked there, only about 30% of the cars had it. And you try explaining that stupid fee structure to someone who just got off a plane where they’ve been for the past 8 hours, who just wants to get to the hotel and sleep, when there’s a 70% chance they won’t even have the stupid thing in the car.

      • ShruggingGalt says:

        Avis in Boston has the swing out boxes. The fees are clearly disclosed on them – that they charge a fee of $2.50 a day plus tolls if you use it.

        • bfwc07 says:

          I rented once from Avis with one of these Ezpass devices in a swinging box you could supposedly keep closed, where I tried to keep it closed and just pay cash the whole way. Unfortunately, the box was poorly made and or broken so that it slid open just enough to register an Ezpass payment as I drove through the Cash/EZPass lane. I was willing to pay the EZPass value charged, but not the service fee (which the box-company refused to drop), but Avis gave me some rental coupons that more than made up for the difference. I guess next time I need to tape the box up tight to not register Ezpass payments.

  6. kiltman says:

    I recently had a Hertz rental in Florida. I knew about the fee but the $10 is the Max. There is a $2.50/day fee which may seem excessive but in my week there I drove from Orlando to Jacksonville, to Key West, to Miami, and back to Orlando. That is alot of toll booths to stop at and the ezpass saved me some time. Definitely worth the $2.50. OP needs to read his agreement more. This was explained to me when I picked up the car.

    • RandomHookup says:

      It’s easy to say that, but the OP was a long time heavy renter with Hertz. He probably didn’t even notice the agreement and he’s certainly not going to read the boilerplate every time. If they didn’t point it out to him by signs, stickers or personally mentioning it to him, he wouldn’t notice anything different from the hundreds of other rentals he has picked up. As a Gold Club member, he would just go to his designated car and not talk to the front desk folks. It’s a sneaky charge and the fact that you get hit with it minutes after picking up the car eliminates the ability to think through the options to avoid the extra $10 charge.

    • rbb says:

      That wasn’t EZ-Pass you used in Florida. EZ-Pass is not recognized there. Trust me, I know…

      My theory is that Florida wants to nail all the Northerners coming down I-95 to Orlando with a nice fine for running the toll gate…

      • myCatCracksMeUp says:

        Yeah – that is VERY irritating. FL should join the rest of the east coast.

      • selkie says:

        A good part of the state budget and roads authority funding in Florida does comes from extracting even more money from the tourists after all.

        As a Floridian, I’d like a reciprocal agreement that the Ezpass states would properly recognize my Sunpass transponder.

        • MsFab says:

          I would LOVE that. I’m no long a FL resident but I still have my transponder. While going through the tolls in the Chicago area, I wished that my Sunpass was able to be used in other states.

          *sigh*I can dream, right?

    • j_rose says:

      So he needs to read, but you got the luxury of having someone explain it?

      I’m all for “read the contract”, but did YOU? Or did someone tell you about it?

    • tricky1 says:

      I just was in Florida 2 weeks ago on my honeymoon and we rented from Advantage Rent-a-car(Hertz owned). Besides telling us the Loss Damage Waiver was required and Charging $15/day underage fee instead of the $10 we were quoted over the phone and then expecting us to drive 40 mi round trip to fix their f%^kup by returning the car and re-renting it. However that was all taken care of by my dear mother(who paid for the honeymoon, flight, and rental car) who called and raised hell and got the LDW and Underage difference refunded.

      Then there is PlatePass. There were two sections on the rental agreement. The first one read the way you read it, but the second one reads that the $10 charge will apply if you only use it for one day in the month. This was after getting to the resort at the same time I noticed LDW was OPTIONAL and had gone through the only 2 tolls I would go through the rest of the trip(for a total of $1.75). When taking back the car on the last day I went through the cash lanes and paid cash. I got the charge the other day for $11.75 so, it’s true that even if you use it once you’re looking at $10 plus the toll.

    • opie66 says:

      I was in Florida four months ago, rented from Hertz at the Orlando airport. EZPass was not mentioned. I only knew about it from a sticker in the windshield, which stated it was optional, and only came into effect the first time I drove through an EZPass only lane.
      I avoided those lanes entirely, paid cash for tolls, but still got dinged two months later on my Mastercard bill for EZPass.

  7. Sudonum says:

    I had been told that Hwy 470 in Denver is EZ Pay only, no toll booths at all. Every time I’ve traveled there I’ve avoided that road, even the times I’ve been in a Hertz rental with this “feature”. Thank God I did since it appears I also avoided a $10 surcharge. Last time I rented there (Late July) they even had stickers at the top left corner of the windshield touting the fact. I don’t recall if they mentioned a surcharge or not.

  8. BuyerOfGoods3 says:

    Wow — Also, watch out for Toll Roads in Texas — we’ve eliminated CASH lanes entirely, and now, they send you a bill (yes yes, there are problems with this ALL over the place). In this case, he would have had no choice but to keep paying those $10 ‘convenience’ fees.

    I *REFUSE* to drive on Toll Roads. I’ll sit in China Traffic before I hop on a TOLL road!!

    • Ladybird says:

      The North Dallas Tollway and the Addison toll tunnel still takes cash, which I hope is phased out soon. I have toll tag, so it’s not a big deal but when I’m riding with friends that don’t have a tag, we’re digging in the cushions to scroung up $1.35 (!).

      • Pax says:

        Why, you and your friends couldn’t plan ahead a little?

      • MauriceCallidice says:

        You hope they’ll phase out giving people the option to pay with cash, and instead only allow travelers who rent their little box?

      • DH405 says:

        Are you hoping that you’ll instead have to turn around or risk being pulled over by a cop for skipping a toll? Yeah, those are both awesome options compared to paying $1.35.

    • crazydavythe1st says:

      In many cases using a toll road actually saves you money (if you use the tag at least). The toll road I use most frequently costs about $2 to travel the entire length of it, but it saves about 30 minutes of my time and cuts 7 or 8 miles off the length of the trip. So the fuel savings covers around half of that toll charge, and I’m willing to pay $1 to save 30 minutes of my time.

  9. cvt2010 says:

    $10 isn’t bad. We had a good piece last year in our paper about the absolutely ridiculous toll fees some of the Denver rental car places are charging.


  10. davein805 says:

    They have PlatePass in Philadelphia as well. It’s $2.50 per rental day. What is really annoying when I first used the service was that the charge would come on your credit card as PlatePass not Hertz. I almost called the credit card company to do a chargeback until I realized this is what it was for. It’s a convenient service for the Northeast but not for $10 per day.

  11. anewmachine615 says:

    Just an FYI – PlatePass doesn’t scan your license plate. There’s a transponder that comes in a shielded box so that it doesn’t trigger if you don’t want it to. Also, AFAIK there’s nothing in the contract about it (unless they’ve changed it since I stopped working there). Instead there’s some notice on the transponder box that nobody reads because most people don’t even notice it. PlatePass was one of the biggest annoyances going, especially because the charges come from that third party company, so it’s not like anything Hertz does can make that charge disappear, either. (Oh, and yeah, that means Hertz is sharing your credit card data with them too – fun!)

  12. cosmic.charlie says:

    I have gotten a few of these on my rentals when I rent from O’hare or something. Typically the ez pass is mounted in a metal box that slides in and out. If you leave it closed you can just pay for it with cash.

    I tried it once and it is not worth the hassle. The company “Plate Pass” takes forever to post these to your credit card. Something like two weeks later they showed up on my credit card. Nothing like having to deal with the hassle of an expense statement for a 3.75 charge.

    I do remember there being a $2.50 per day fee in addition to the tolls. Maybe they upped it to $10 or something.

    The OP doesn’t make it clear if they did in fact have the device open. Maybe the tollbooth operator saw there was something mounted on the windshield and mistook it for an open transceiver. When the OP went though without paying he then got hit with the $10 missed toll fee.

    This is just being passed on to the OP from hertz and it probably is not worth complaining to them. He needs to go to plate pass and complain. Maybe with their help he can contest the charge with the toll authority.

    • myCatCracksMeUp says:

      He says that he pulled up to a toll booth to pay my $0.75 cent toll, and got waved through by the attendant who told me I had an “EZ pass”.

      By that time the EZpass had already been read and recorded for the charge.

      Hertz sucks for doing this without alerting people beforehand.

  13. tweeder82o says:

    sounds like… overdraft protection, hmm i wonder if i could rent a car from my bank.

  14. tedyc03 says:

    Didn’t anyone tell this guy about the free portion of the Dulles toll road? You know, the part where people coming to/from the airport get to drive free because they’re, you know, coming to/from the airport?

    • MuffinSangria says:

      The access road will only take you to the beltway or 66. He may have been doing business in Reston, for example, which would make it reasonable that he would have had to use the toll road as some point.

      • myCatCracksMeUp says:

        I haven’t gone east from the airport for quite a while – I usually go south on 28, but I thought there were other exits from the Airport road, before 66, where you didn’t have to pay a toll.

    • daveinva says:

      Ha ha… that’s what I thought of. It’s *sweet* having to go to the airport on the Dulles Toll Road– no tolls!

  15. snobum says:

    When I rented a car from Avis in FL in March, it was for 10 days. 2 of those days I planned on using toll roads. Luckily the attendant told me that if I use it once, they charge me the “convienience fee” for every day of the rental period, not everyday the toll pass is actually used. I quickly asked how to remove the tag.

  16. FatLynn says:

    When I travel for business, this would be SO worth it. Money that goes on my company card is much easier to track then paying cash for tolls and getting reimbursed the old-fashioned way.

  17. jimmyhl says:

    The first part of Bruce’s letter was right on, but he lost his way in the closing paragraph and steered into a passive-aggressive cul-de-sac. He’s not writing to his girlfriend to express disappointment over some perceived slight. He’s writing to a stranger about a business issue measurable in dollars in cents. Paradoxically, he tries to show he’s the bigger person by not contesting the charge, preferring instead to keep the grievance alive owing to his bruised feelings. What can the recipient of the letter do about Bruce’s feelings? Mail him a teddy bear and a hit of Ecstasy? Nope-all Hertz can do is give him his ten bucks back, but Bruce has preemptively pooh-poohed that option as a matter beneath his dignity.

    Moral of the story: If you have a consumer dispute, leave your feelings out if it. Put on your big-boy pants and ask for the ten dollars back.

    • DaveWW says:

      I think he’d be happier with a change to Hertz’ policies/disclosure of the fee, than with a mere $10. And I bet he doesn’t think that his letter alone would result in that, but maybe lots of such complaints would result in something.

      The “harbor bad feelings” is appropriate, imho, since it’s true and relevent.

      • Anonymously says:

        :thumbs up:

      • myCatCracksMeUp says:

        I agree – he wants them to change their sucky behavior, but probably doesn’t expect it to happen from just his letter. But if they gots of letters from unhappy customers, they might do something.

        I’m amazed at how many people will complain about something, but not to the people in charge.

        At Costco the other day, my checkout line got delayed a long time for a reason that I and the people in front of me and behind me all agreed was a lousy reason. I asked to speak to the manager, and I told the manager how I felt about the delay. The other people didn’t. I’d bet that only 1 person out of 100, maybe even fewer than that, ever complain to management about problems. How’s it ever going to change if no one lets management know?

  18. scoobydoo says:

    FWIW; this is a very good complaint email. Short, to the point and explains exactly why he’s pissed off.

    • Nigerian prince looking for business partner says:

      I completely agree (I didn’t see your post when I wrote mine saying pretty much the same thing).

  19. Nigerian prince looking for business partner says:

    I really like this email. It’s short, concise, non-emotional, and immediately to the point.

    It’s a nice contrast to the long, rambling, emotionally charged mess that seems to be the norm.

    • JMILLER says:

      ” I will, however, harbor bad feelings towards Hertz for a long time”

      That is the definition of emotion. His letter would be better if he said. I think you should look into this policy, and make changes. I would also like my $10 returned. Saying, I don;t care about my $10, but I will wave my 200 years of being a customer and how I now have “bad feelings” doesn’t help anything.
      The other thing I hate is when he says ” I can afford the $10 and it’s not worth my time” But the letter is worth his time?
      Rules of letter writing to complain
      1. Concise
      2. Explain problem, not everything else (family is tow is important why?)
      3. Offer a resolution (money back, change in policy)

      Hurt feelings over a rental car tells Hertz he is all about his emotions and not his brain.

  20. conformco says:

    I had a surprise E-Z Pass moment too. I have a Connect By Hertz membership – like Zipcar, but evil. Nowhere in their literature do they mention offering E-Z pass as a perk like Zipcar. So one day I’m on a turnpike and hit crazy traffic at a toll plaza. Since I don’t have E-Z Pass, I sat in the cash lane for about a half-hour. When I finally get to the booth, the attendant won’t take my money saying I have E-Z Pass. I argued with her for a couple of seconds before I noticed the E-Z pass box tucked up behind the rear view. I was annoyed that I had to wait in the cash line for no reason, but I was also dreading the $10 fee I figured I’d get from Hertz. So far I’ve only been billed the actual toll amount.

    If Hertz doesn’t charge a fee on their hourly-based cars, then they really need to get rid of this outdated surcharge on their normal cars. I call shenanigans.

  21. Daverson says:

    I always transfer my personal EZPass to the rental when I need to rent a car.

    • conformco says:

      I don’t own a car, so I don’t have an E-Z Pass… can you get a transponder if you don’t have permanent car? Might be worth it for me – I rent 6-7 times a year.

    • Laura Northrup says:

      I actually ran into problems with EZ-Pass in New York when I took my RFID unit out of my car and used it in a friend’s for a road trip. They caught me using it in a non-registered, but not rental, car.

      • nybiker says:

        While you can update the license tag info for your ezpass account, that might not be viable if you then plan (or need) to use your own car the next day after the update.
        But when you did use your ezpass in your friend’s car, were you holding the transponder or did you attach it to the windshield with one of the double-sided velcro strips? I have some extras of those strips, and will use one to ensure I am not holding the unit. That might solve the problem of them complaining about it. Of course, maybe they just think your ezpass got stolen?

  22. Xtopher says:

    A few things about this are fishy, as I’ve used PlatePass twice before and totally understood what I was getting into. First, the PlatePass fees are disclosed. It does require you to actually read (oh no!); however, the Hertz people always ask if I’m using it, and if I say yes, they explain the fees to me. It’s not in the “fine print”.

    Second, the PP thing attached to the windshield is shielded. You have to slide it open for the EZ-Pass to work (I’ve had egg on my face before for forgetting to slide it open :-). So, either he did slide it open or it was never closed by the previous user (or whomever readies the cars at Hertz).

    Also, why didn’t he complain to Hertz? Clearly he has no issue complaining to others even though he can afford the $10. Instead of seeing if they’ll do something for him, he’s going to “harbor bad feelings for a long time” and then passive-aggressively complain to others instead? Give me a break.

    The $2.50/day charge is stupid, yes, but when you see the lines at some of the booths and you can fly by, it’s not so bad. The fee works like this: if you use PP, you will be charged $2.50 for every day you have the car, regardless of how many days you actually use it. Max of $10. So if you use it once, you might as well keep using it for the rest of your trip.

    • RandomHookup says:

      Why doesn’t he have a reason to complain to Hertz? He was charged for something he wasn’t made aware of and he is unhappy. Seems like a good reason to complain to me.

  23. Itsatrap says:

    My husband and I recently rented a car through Hertz and used PlatePass. We knew about how it works before we even reserved the car because I read the website. It is clear that it is not Hertz charging you for using it, that it is a separate company. It also talks about the service fee and the length of time it can take to show up on your credit card.

    Hertz.com > Products and Services > PlatePass (under Convenience Options)
    Hertz PlatePass

    As a long time customer, I guess the OP wouldn’t have a real reason to hunt through the website like I did as a new customer. However, when you pick up the car, it is in the fine print in the brochure disclosing all the possible fees.

    Also, the transponder is a fairly obvious box right under the rear view mirror. It did say what it was, that it was through PlatePass (not Hertz), and it said to close the transponder in the shield box if you didn’t want to use it.

    I guess the lesson is to read all the fine print about an unknown service before you actually use it. That said, it could be more obvious in the brochure you get when you pick up the car what PlatePass is/charges – it’s extremely fine print.

  24. AustinTXProgrammer says:

    There has to be a better way.. The entities operating the toll roads should operate a way for you to register temporary responsibility for a vehicle and bill the end user directly. In Texas with the TxTag system I can do this (add vehicle to my account, then remove), but do to delays I paid the next guys tolls too ($3, no biggie).

    Companies such as plate pass showed up to fill the void caused by not being able to use these roads. Unfortunately the void shouldn’t have existed.

    The service loaners I get when I take my car in have toll tags, and the dealership even pays my tolls. They also will put gas in at $3.19/gallon with their own pumps (which is certainly more than the $2.86 I filled with, but not outrageous for full service I don’t have to do it). The rental places would charge a $10-20 fee on top of that. I only mention the service loaner because I do sign a “rental agreement” when I get them.

  25. msbask says:

    I’m confused. It was either in the contract (and the OP didn’t read it) or it wasn’t (and he should get his $10 back). Which is it?

    The second comment in this thread is someone who righthisveryminute has a Hertz rental, and he says it’s not in the contract.

    • JMILLER says:

      Not all contracts are the same. This service is offered in some cities and not in others. It would be silly in Michigan, since there are no toll roads in the state. There are also several people who have said it is in a box. By taking the EZ PASS out of the box it becomes active. If it were still in the metal box it would not be used. Where was the EZ PASS before he entered the car? Was it sitting on the dash. Was it on the floor? On the seat? Under the seat?
      I have visited several offices with my company and we have an EZ PASS for our service people. Wen I travel to these areas it moves from car to car. It needs to be pretty visable to make the connection. The one time I went through the express lane and it did not register, I was sent a ticket in the mail from the rental car company. I gave them my EZ PASS number and the state billed it as they should have. You don;t want people backing up on a highway.
      As a side note. Governments need to charge what it costs to upkeep roads and quit nickel and diming people with toll roads. It slows traffic and is bad for the environment. The privatization of these roads is going to be a nightmare (ie the Sky way in Chicago)

  26. HogwartsProfessor says:

    It’s really outrageous how sneaky these fees are getting. I don’t have a credit card, so I can’t rent a car, but when I win the Publishers Clearinghouse Sweeps and can pay off everything and get one, I’ll have to remember this.

    Or, if I’m traveling with BF and we’re renting a car in a toll-y place.

  27. dush says:

    Wow, at first I thought the convenience fee was so you didn’t have to pay tolls at all. What a rip off.

  28. Forrest says:

    I had the EXACT same thing happen when I was in Florida for vacation. I went through a single toll booth, and I was shocked to see a charge of $12.75 on my credit card. There was no mention of the fee structure in the car (I checked), it even went so far as to imply it was a free service. I attempted to get the charge removed by calling the company, but they wouldn’t do it. I should have done a chargeback, however I had already done one or two for the trip, and I was just so frustrated and sick of it, I just let it go.

    It is a HUGE scam though. I will never trust Hertz again, there is no such thing as going above and beyond for customers anymore, it’s all just a scam to make a quick buck.

  29. wackydan says:

    Uhm …. I’ve gotten many a hertz rental on business that had the ezpass on the vehicle. THey had the unit shrouded/shielded with directions on how to use it. So you would have to have activated it-removed the sheild in order to be charged…That said there was no indicator on a $10 fee for using it for the rental term.

    I think this may indeed have been “user-Renter error”.

  30. sirwired says:

    This is usually disclosed on a little dashboard tent, and on a sticker affixed to the EZ-Pass. The EZ pass is usually enclosed in a metal sliding box that you can slide shut if you want to use cash.

    Not saying that the dash tent or the sticker were actually there, just that it’s possible it was overlooked.

  31. the_didgers says:

    I rented a car in Texas, and got hit with one of these. Enterprise sent me a letter telling me that they were going to charge me the toll+fee, or I could call the Texas toll authority. Called and had the toll waived, and never got the convenience fee.

  32. addicuss says:

    So the idiot agrees to a premium service and is shocked and appalled when the service costs extra??

  33. opie66 says:

    Same thing happened to me in Florida this May.
    But, the agreement said the EZpass only came into effect if I drove through the special EZ tolls.

    I avoided them, took the furthest lane from them, and paid the cash at the attendants.

    Two months later, $10 EZPass fee, plus several tolls charged to my account.

    Never again, Hertz. Never again.

  34. bumblefoot2004 says:

    What if he insisted on paying the $0.75 himself. Could Hertz charge him the $10 for paying for nothing?