Ohio Woman Indicted For Using Starbucks Job Applications To Commit ID Theft Worth $115K

The last thing anyone needs when they’re out of work is to worry about the safety of the personal information they put on a job application. But the U.S. Attorney in Ohio has indicted a woman on allegations that she used this sensitive info to falsely obtain credit cards and run up a $115,000 tab.

The woman wasn’t an employee of Starbucks, but of a company responsible for food and beverage concessions at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.

“She would take that personal information that you would give on the application and then use it to go get credit cards,” Mike Tobin of the Dept. of Justice tells TV station WKYC.

According to reports, the suspect is charged with illegally obtaining 65 credit cards to feed her shopping spree.

She’s been indicted on charges of ID theft and aggravated fraud.

But for some reason, the DOJ does not consider the woman a flight risk and tells WKYC they expect her to turn herself in to authorities today.

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