HSBC Closes Bank Account Over 14 Cent Overdraft

“Don’t overdraw your bank account” is pretty sound advice. However, reader Phil advises that if you do happen to overdraw your HSBC account–even by a few cents–the bank will mercilessly close your bank account with no warning. That’s what happened to him.

I logged in to my HSBC account today (8/17) to discover that my business checking disappeared.

I called HSBC and learned that they closed it on 8/12 because the balance has been MINUS 14 PENNIES during the whole month of July.

I never got any communication at all from HSBC about the closing of my account, or any warning.

Talk about “standard of world class service”!

Phil didn’t give this much thought since he had overdraft protection for the account set up with an HSBC credit card. Talk to local branch staff. When I was an HSBC customer, I found useless customer service reps on the phone, but amazing service in local branches.

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