Ubisoft Frees Upcoming Game From Its Digital Rights Management Lockdown

Ubisoft has dropped its draconian DRM policy, which forces PC gamers to be online the entire time they want to play, from its upcoming game R.U.S.E. Instead the game will use the Steamworks DRM method used by Valve, which requires players to check in online before allowing them to continue their games offline.

The more oppressive Ubisoft DRM, meant to scuttle piracy, has caused problems when its authentication servers crashed, so it’s refreshing to see the game publisher lighten up on its hardcore policy.

This may be a one-off, though. Ubisoft tells Kotaku it will continue to use its own DRM protection on most PC games.

R.U.S.E. will not use the Ubisoft protection [Ubisoft Forums, via Kotaku]

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