Target Closing All Remaining Garden Centers

If you’re looking for some clearance deals on plants, soil, fertilizer and garden supplies, you might want to check out your local Target soon. The retail chain has announced that it plans to shutter all 262 of its remaining garden centers by the end of September.

Apparently Target’s garden business was never able to make much of a profit in the face of competition from Walmart, Home Depot and others. So the chain feels that the floor space could be better used for things like expanded grocery sections, which are being added to around 30% of the Target stores in the next year.

According to the Miami Herald, Target shoppers will still be able to pick up gardening basics like small bags of soil and some tools. Patio furniture and supplies will still be available at the stores on a seasonal basis.

Target closing all garden centers, including 90 in Florida [Miami Herald]


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  1. Torgonius wants an edit button says:

    Well, if the GBLT crowd is going to stop shopping there…. it’s not like there aren’t a hundred other garden centers around anyways.

    • AoE says:

      Huh? I know those words are English, and they’re even assembled into a form that resembles a sentence… but what do they mean? Was this comment mean to make sense, or is it more of a flow-of-consciousness dadaist poem?

    • BadgerPudding says:

      I feel worst for the gay and lesbian employees of Target who must work in such a hostile work environment that openly expresses concern for profits over the basic rights.

  2. brinks says:

    Because no one has a house (and therefore a garden) anymore?

    • UCLAri: Allergy Sufferer says:

      I’m sure people do. But if they’re not buying that stuff at Target, what’s the point for them to sell it?

  3. Brunette Bookworm says:

    I wondered what was disappearing for the expanded grocery section. The local Target plans on opening the new grocery section in October. My local Target never did have much for gardening that I was looking for and if you are in the same shopping center as a Home Depot and Menards you really can’t compete with them on their main focus.

  4. Speak says:

    None of the Targets I have ever been to had garden centers. They seasonally had gardening items but it was in their seasonal area only.

    • MFfan310 says:

      Same for the Fort Wayne Target stores. Before the rebuildings of the two local Targets, neither had a garden center. After the rebuilds, nope. And when a third Target opened recently, it didn’t have one either. And it probably wouldn’t have mattered: most people here get garden supplies at Home Depot, Lowe’s, Meijer, Menards, or Walmart anyway.

      I knew it was a regional thing for Target anyway.

  5. Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

    Does this include the BBQ section as well? Sounds like it.

    • Jamie All Over says:

      no, the BBQ stuff is under seasonal. the one I used to work never had a garden center but still had the BBQ, patio furniture, etc.

  6. Raving Rabbid says:

    What if our Garden Center was recently moved to a standalone building? Odd…

  7. Dustbunny says:

    Neither one of the Target stores I go to in Portland had garden centers. Ehh, I don’t care since I don’t have a garden anyway…what I do care about is that Target stopped doing their Global Bazaar thingie each year. Apparently they weren’t making any $$$ from it.

  8. AnonymousCoward says:

    Competing against Walmart on grocery sales? Yeah, that’s a high margin business I’d want to get into.

    • Gstump says:

      people need food often, how often do they need garden stuff?

      • pecan 3.14159265 says:

        Yeah, this is the reason why one local BBQ store closed. It seems that having a ton of seasonal merchandise all year old is going to fail.

    • mandy_Reeves says:

      Frankly, I prefer Target’s groceries over Walmart any day. Walmart near me has NO selection of groceries. Seriously. It’s mostly tossed around randomly and too many people clogging up the aisles. Target on the other hand, has a great store brand i their Archer Farms line. The prices are better, aisles brighter and easy to see. Walmart is dank and gray, with dirty floors…and I’m so afraid of picking up a disease if god forbid I wear sandals while shopping there.

    • madanthony says:

      Stores might not make a huge profit on groceries, but they do a lot of volume on it, which makes up for it.

      The other thing is that at any given time, almost everyone could use at least something from the grocery section. If I have stuff I need to buy at Target and I need food, I’ll go to Target and get both, when I otherwise might have gone to the grocery store and put off buying what I need at Target.

  9. Cyniconvention says:

    Apparently Target’s garden business was never able to make much of a profit in the face of competition from Walmart, Home Depot and others. So the chain feels that the floor space could be better used for things like expanded grocery sections, which are being added to around 30% of the Target stores in the next year.

    What’ll they do when their grocery sections can’t compete with Wal-Marts and…grocery stores?

    But Target IS the only store to stock my Simply Asia Roasted Garlic soup…hmmm…

    • catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

      as long as they don’t quit carrying canned pumkpin [not pumpkin pie filling] all year round. it’s really good for cats with upset stomachs and it’s hard to find anywhere near me except at target.

    • frugalmom says:

      I do about 40% of my grocery shopping at SuperTarget. (The rest at Aldi, Sam’s, and two local grocery stores.) Most of the time, Target is cheaper than the grocery store. On meat and produce they are less competitive.

  10. PercussionQueen7 says:

    Aw, I will miss this. One of my Targets had one, with good prices.

    • ninabi says:

      Agreed. I’ll miss the one stop shopping- I used to add a few flats of plants to the cart when I was at Target. $10-$20 for petunias, etc as we were selling our house and the entryways had to look crisp. Apparently, it worked. I bought a lemon tree from them for $22.00 and the new owners were thrilled to see a massive tree as tall as the house, loaded with lemons.

      Target, what’s wrong with you? First the political donations issue, now no more plants and while I’m at it, your candy aisle stinks. No Runts? No Jolly Rancher Fire flavor? No Bottlecaps?

  11. cybrczch says:

    None of the Targets here had them, so not going to miss them. Besides, how many more places do we need that sell Bonnie transplants? I love seeing any of them selling a $4 pot containing one iceberg lettuce plant, which if you plant and successfully grow, will produce one $2 head of lettuce.

  12. redskull says:

    Are we talking garden center as in the type Walmart has, where part of it’s outside and full of plants, or are we talking about the type that’s in the corner of the store and they sell garden hoses and gloves?

    I’ve never seen an outdoor type garden center at a Target.

    • Ted3 says:

      I think that’s it. They will probably stop selling patio furniture, etc.

      I’ve never seen the Wal-Mart type garden center at Target either.

      • Blueberry Scone says:

        Ok, that makes much more sense. I was picturing an outdoor center and thought “we never get the good Target features!”

    • Quake 'n' Shake says:

      No, some Targets had an outdoor section that sold plants and other garden stuff. I’ve seen some Target garden centers that were fantastic. There was one on the east side of Tucson that we used to buy our flowers at. More often that not, they weren’t that great. They’ve closed quite a few under performing garden centers nationwide in the past couple of years.

      I think they’ll still sell patio furniture and the what not though. They still sell that stuff, inside, at the Target closest to me, which had closed its garden center 2 years ago.

  13. Craig B says:

    Since Target doesn’t want fruits like me to have any rights, it only makes sense that it stops selling fruit trees and such!

  14. Levk says:

    I would like for them to have a better grocery section it is small in my areas target and does not have much foods besides any help to get walmart away from being #1 is good

  15. mbz32190 says:

    It seems to me that over the past few decades, gardening has really declined. Sure, people like to keep their yard and lawn looking nice, but many just don’t want to put the effort in to growing flowers, vegetables, etc. Remember when having indoor plants was all the rage (well I don’t, but my grandmother sure does). Even the Walmart near me ditched its garden center when it got a remodel to include groceries.

  16. MrsLopsided says:

    I haven’t seen a Target with a garden center.
    Maybe it’s just my city – but the Kmart garden centers that I have seen are sad.

  17. Patriot says:

    I got some good stuff from the garden center but the ones I went to were outdoors with a cement floor and a roof so you couldn’t really call it wasted floor space. It looked nothing like the picture shown above.

  18. dg says:

    Good riddance.

  19. giantspbpk says:

    I’ll miss them. When living in the SF Bay Area and Sacramento, Target Garden Centers were awesome! Now that I’m in Seattle, and the stores up here never had any as far as I can tell, I very much miss them. It’s still a good place to buy RoundUp, etc.

  20. Chip Skylark of Space says:

    Long time ago (22-24 years), we bought some trees at the Target in St. Paul, just a year or two before they stopped selling plants and started storing carts in that outdoor area.

  21. JANSCHOLL says:

    Target had garden stores? Not a one I ever was in.

    • ellemdee says:

      That’s what I was wondering. I’m in MI and I’ve never seen one, so I’m thinking maybe the garden centers only exist in warmer states where customers can garden more than a few months out of the year.

      • Geotpf says:

        I live in Riverside, CA (60 miles east of Los Angeles), and my local Target has an outdoor gardening area. It used to be a GEMCO long ago, so it might have inherited the general layout from them. In any case, I suspect these outdoor gardening areas were only in stores in warm weather states.

  22. BadgerPudding says:

    Please remember to boycott Target, folks. Any company that puts profits before civil rights doesn’t deserve your money.

    I’m waiting for the “hostile work environment” lawsuits to start coming out. If you’re gay and work for Target, you are being discriminated against every day by corporate policy saying you don’t matter.

    • tbax929 says:

      I’m boycotting Target, and I’m gay. However, it’s my understanding that Target does offer same-sex benefits, so they seem to treat their gay employees pretty well. They just supported an organization I despise.

      • BadgerPudding says:

        Token limited same-sex benefits might fool HRC, but openly bigoted practices that impact gays and lesbians across America absolutely cannot be tolerated.

        The current work environment for gay and lesbian employees at Target must be intolerable. How can these individuals not be affected knowing their bosses are willing to see their rights stripped to make a few extra dollars?

        I urge all gays and lesbian employees to file suit against Target for their openly discriminatory practices.

        • madanthony says:

          I think a discrimination lawsuit could be pretty tough considering that only a very few places view sexual orientation as a protected class.

  23. Grrrrrrr, now with two buns made of bacon. says:

    And nothing of value was lost.

  24. LastError says:

    It doesn’t matter if Target gets into groceries to compete with Walmart, unless Target ALSO plans to be open 24/7. Not many Targets are open those hours.

    Any store that wants to compete against Walmart has to do that. Or else you lose automatically, because Walmart never sleeps. Every sale Walmart makes after hours is one some other store could have had, except they weren’t even open. The other stores lose by default.

    Being open and ready for shoppers all the time, any time sounds like a very simple thing, so simple that it could not possibly matter. But here it is, 12:30AM on a Sunday as I type this. Suppose I need a new TV, or a shirt, or a shovel, or a saw, or some DVDs and popcorn, or groceries, or even some books to read or a pen, what is open now? Walmart. Target is not. Costco is not. BestBuy is not. Kroger is, but they don’t have much beyond food. And that’s OK, but if I’m going to Walmart for that shirt I gotta have tonight before church or work tomorrow, I might as well get everything at Walmart.

    Everybody else playing the 10AM to 9PM game. And surrenders any sale for the 13 hours they’re closed. More than half the day thrown out for Walmart to just take.

    • brinks says:

      I despise Walmart but have found myself having no other choice but to go there when my poor planning leaves me in dire need of something late at night or in the wee hours before work.

      Luckily I have a 24-hour Meijer not too far from me, but, if I’m pressed for time, that evil Walmart is right around the corner.

  25. sykl0ps says:

    Talking for people I know that worked at the Target in town they said they were closing the outdoor garden center to add more backroom storage space for items. Said they lost more money on not being able to inventory enough items than all the sales from the plants.

  26. smbfla says:

    I don’t really get where they are going with this one. I understand the Super Target with the full grocery store and I shop there on occasion but not often. My local Target is just a regular size Target that they have just added a Grocery section to.

    Who are they trying to attract? They don’t have enough stuff to compete with a full size grocery and everything they have is on the far side of the store from the entrance then all the way back again to wait in their long checkout lines so they aren’t going to attract the person in a rush trying to grab a thing or two. I’ve only been there twice since the change but didnt see a single person in the grocery section either time.

  27. TheKarlos says:

    Ten years ago, when I was in college, I worked for a Target that had a small garden center. During my employee orientation the manager said the the biggest loss of income for the store wasn’t from shoplifting but from all the dead plants that they had to throw away.

  28. khooray says:

    Considering that they want $200 for a big chunky vase for outside, it’s no wonder they didn’t sell. Even on clearance, their stuff is WAYYYY overpriced.
    I don’t feel sorry for them at all.
    Boo hoo, you didn’t make a billion overcharging for one area, so you can make it up somewhere else.