Personal Finance Roundup

Trying to time the market has cost investors big-time [The Washington Post] “A groundbreaking study by Morningstar shows what a terrible price investors pay for market timing.”

How to Tame College Costs–It’s Not Just Tuition [Wall Street Journal] “Here are five areas where you can cut college costs.”

Three Steps to Break a Car Lease Without Getting Rear-Ended [Money Talks News] “These days you can go to any number of websites that will help you find someone who can assume your lease.”

Investment Psychology: Top 5 Ways Investors Go Broke [The Digerati Life] “Have you committed any of these?”

How rich is rich? [CNN Money] “Experts peg the figure to be somewhere around $2 million to $12 million in savings.”



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  1. hegemony says:

    I increased my standard of living by filing for bankruptcy. I can’t wait to do it again. I need to finish maxing out all my credit cards first and transferring my new assets into my wifes name.

  2. Blueberry Scone says:

    $2 million to $12 million? Cripes, that’s a huge range.